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Fully loaded and lowered...

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  • Fully loaded and lowered...

    ...Well sort of.

    We took a family break in the Lakes and managed to pretty much get all the tent gear, sleeping bags, clothes and 4 bikes in and on the car though must have come close to the max loading capacity but did get to lower it by a good 2-3 inches in the process!

    This is what the Zafira VXR is meant to be used for. Honest guv!

    Have to admit that performance and handling were not up their usual and fuel economy was hammered, though we did get there and back all in one piece and nothing managed to fall off.

    So thought some folks might like to see it....


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    Thats funny... I like it....

    Mind you, I still be it performed better that most MPVs


    • #3 that legal?

      How did it handle?


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        On the basis that we used a Thule roof rack, cycle carriers for the kids 2 bikes and a roof box with the vauxhall rear tailgate carrier for our 2 bikes then I guess it was legal - no number plates were obscured.

        The handling was surprisingly OK with not as much effect as I had thought, though you certainly felt the weight during braking! Overall remarkably civilised particularly with the DVD screens in the headrests - no more are we nearly yet - works a treat through the twin audio for the kids.



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          hi according to Vauxhall the rear bike rack cannot be used if you have a roof Spoiler but it looks ok on your car. can you confirm that it does not interfer with the Roof Spoiler please. thanks Rui.


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            I have to admit to making a small modification to the carrier by filing a small area ( 3-5mm) off one of the brackets at the top on each side to clear the rear spoiler. As the brackets are covered with a plastic trim this soon becomes invisible and this is all that needs to be done.

            Happy to provide full details and add a photo if you're interested but honestly its a piece of cake!


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              hi that would be great as im sure im not the only one in the same position. thankyou!!


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                No problem - I'll take and post some pictures to show the minor mods over the weeknd.


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                  As promised, below are two photos that hopefully illustrate the very simple modification to the frame brackets in order to clear the Zafira roof spoiler.

                  I simply removed the rubber trim on the brackets and then used a highly technical hack saw and file to change the shape to clear the spoiler. I probably took off 5mm at the apex of the curve and smoothed the rest to match - took me about an hour to complete as I kept puting it all back together (with the rubber trim on the brackets), checking clearance with both bikes mounted on the car and when happy, I then glued the rubber trim back on permanently

                  The photo below should show the difference between an original and a modified bracket. The lower bracket is an original and the upper bracket is the modified one. You'll need to modify two brackets - an inner bracket on each side of the frame.

                  The photo below should show the modified bracket now on top of an original comparison.

                  Trust these help and are clear enough, but, please feel free to PM me for further details / clarification.



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                    You should apply for a Patent