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zafira vxr headlights

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  • zafira vxr headlights

    anyone else have condensation in their headlights....

    are they supposed to steam up.

    the back light also steam up, is this happen as well.

    i see someone else on this forum has managed to get the dealer to swap out the headlights....


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    a common fault does it on the Astra as well if your worried then take it back to the dealer and ask them to change them under warrrenty


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      Re: zafira VXR headlights

      Ian, its Ian with the black zafira (the one you were goning to buy) I had my headlights changed under warranty becaus they were condensated (mainly after washing they car) To qualify for replacement under warranty they have to be switched on and left for a period of time and if condensation doesn't clear within the timescale then new ones are fitted. I am not sure what the timescale is but because I used to work for vauxhall manufacturing and have dealt with various warranty claims (mainly relating to astra g/h) when I tell them something on my car needs doing it just gets done without any quibble


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        my dealer is the same with me.

        Ask Darren he has a Zaf and is also a VXL tech one of the best if you ask me as i wont trust any one else with it.


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          cheers alex, vauxhall say to turn the headlights on for 20 minutes and if the condensation hasnt cleared by then you can change them


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              if you can't get them changed for free and they still have condensation in them drill some small holds in the bottom of the units (they are double skinned so you'll not see them), this will vent them and prevent the condensation.

              Most people think they need sealing up, but actually it's the opposit, they need more ventilation.