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Resale on Zafira VXR

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  • Resale on Zafira VXR

    Having been regularly looking at wha's available used as well as considering new it does appear that these cars are a bit sticky in the secondary market, does anyone have any feedback on this as to why?

    Won't really worry me as we plan on keeping for 4 to 5 years at which point the car will probably be worth circa 5k at this poit so should be much easier to resale.

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    Xmas, and new car reg.

    Still i got a bargain because things arn't moving....

    nows the time to buy....


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      What brought it home to me that they are not shifting is that I have found an 06 pre-reg car at a relatively local dealer with mosdt of the options I would choose from new with onyl 10 miles on it. It's been registered for nearly a year but hasn't shifted......


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        depends on price as well.

        look on autotrader and the cheapest if 15k with no extras....

        prices are depressed at the mo, maybe the threat of interest rate rises etc.

        what colour is the local VXR...


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          It's blue witth Xenons and Parking sensors & more


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            every vxr zaf weve had in at our dealership have sold straight away cant get enough of them i wouldnt let that put you off they are a great car and alot of fun


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              A silly offer may be worth a punt particularly if there are comparable prices on Autotrader to use as evidence.

              Ain't no harm in trying - the worst they can say is no! Otherwise you could be laughing al the way out of the dealership!

              I certainly made a quick escape off the courtyard when I bought mine!

              Agree with itolson, right time to buy particularly near month end bonus time.