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zafira vxr maf fault

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  • zafira vxr maf fault

    hi all can anyone help me with my zafira vxr iv got the code p01001 iv change the maf sensor still no look traction control light on an emissions light iv checked the maf readings an iv got 297.50 g/s on idle iv got a boost gauge so checked for boost an vacuum leaks all seems ok any help would be great thanks

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    What make sensor did you buy? That figure you have looks like a default figure when the sensor has failed.

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      Bosch maf car runs fine just the lights on the dash I'm thinking maybe it's no getting a ground but having got a multi meter so can't check it


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        update my barometric pressure is 100.50 boost pressure volts 0.63v boost pressure 100kpa all taken at idle if that helps only thing I can think of that happend is I fitted a 3inch top hat from txsport an the bolts wouldn't fit tied but I tryed it anyway an yh as u can guess it poped off so I limped the car home throw the top hat away an got me one from enhance performance 2.5inch i reset the codes car drove fine but the traction light an emissions light stayed on


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          Do you have MAF in a good page?
          AIR Flow>Engine ?
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