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VXR Zaf mpg

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  • VXR Zaf mpg

    What sort of mpg are you getting from your Vxr`s.
    I am curious how they compare to the gsi.
    As i have just traded in my Gsi zaf for a VXR which i pick up on the 1st March
    At the moment i am getting 27mpg on mixed driving.

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    I used to average around the low 29's but this was mainly motorway travel. I'm now covering a shorther, more local daily commute and now it's down to mid 27's - and that's with a relatively heavy right foot!

    I could probably get a higher mpg, but seriously can't be bothered!

    I also had a Zafira GSi and traded this for the Zafira VXR - completely different kettle of fish - you won't be disappointed!



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      there must be something really wrong with mine....

      I get 18.7 average with mixed driving and a mild right foot, my old M5 used to get 18.2 so I think there is an issue....

      I am suppsed to be getting a new maff and front Discs and pads, why the dealer decided it needs new front discs is beyond me as its only done 10k.

      Lets hope the new maff improves the economy.


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        ...have you tried checking the settings 'units of measure'? It could be set to 'USA' which is likely to explain the low mpg!

        I had this on an Alfa several years ago - nearly sold the damn thing until the dealer put me straight!

        Just a thought.



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          i'm averaging around 27mpg, agian i used to own a zafy GSI & would say that the mpg was marginally better but then you don't buy these beasts for their economy! I do around 25,000-30,000 miles a year & put driving pleasure 1st