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AFL lights issue

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  • AFL lights issue

    Just come home from a long wet trip back from Brum after watching the Villa lose to Boro :-( thanks to the Ginger Chelsea reject Sidwell.

    Noticed my RH AFL lense has misted - is this normal or does it need to be replaced ?

    My Network Q warranty has about a month left so now is the time to do it if it needs changing

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    I experience the same thing on very cold or wet days on both. The lamp assembly might have developed small cracks somewhere causing moisture to get in.


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      is this a replacement issue - thanks - Andrew


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        if you turn the lights on for about 20 minutes and it still doesnt clear .. then yes it is !! .. and it should be covered under the manufacturers warranty anyway .. but if it doesnt clear .. then the network q one they cant argue and should just replace it !!! .. but let me see that sounds too easy !! .. vauxhall and easy dont go together !!!
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          Under really realy really ..... really heavy rain and driving one of ours does this. Fatboys right about the 20 min rule as well - if its under 20 mins to clear with lamps on then it wont be doine under warranty. Someone suggested maybe sticking a couple of bags of silica beads in - anyone tried this?

          PS - AFL is mint and by far and away the best option