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Tyre choices for the Bus

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  • Tyre choices for the Bus

    Got Dunlop Sports on at the mo, and think they're terrible in the wet. Due to change soon, i see the F1 assymetricals are getting good raps on here, any other options? Has anyone tried Parada's on the bus?

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    i've got conti sport 3 on my bus and they feel very twicthy in the wet, which for their cost is not good at all..... the a##e end feels like it's going to kick out at relatively low speeds and that spoils the fun sometimes, next time i'm going for the F1s as like you said they get very good reviews for the bus


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      toyos tend to grip pretty well


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        Just fitted Goodyear Eagle F1 asymetricals to VXR estate - what a difference after Continentals. Road noise halved, grip doubled and the front end is on rails. Pricey but nicey. Saying that, Evo magazine and Autocar both reviewed them as The Best and some guy on ebay right now (nov 26) has four for £399. Bridgnorth Tyre Centre in Shropshire fits two for £260-ish. Read - some say they don't last as long as others. Some say they cost too much. But if you're driving a VXR, why put up with less? They're great in the wet, too.

        PS: I don't work for Goodyear.
        PPS: I don't work.


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          I find the conti 3's to be fine and reasonably well at wearing as well


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            ive got goodyear eagle f1 asymetrics on my zaf and think they are really good and are not as noisy as the contis,i had pradas on my astra and found they were pretty good as well


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              F1 asymetrics are good & last ok too! The 1 thing I've noticed is that they don't screech (when lighting them up) like normal tyres almost to the point where you think the clutch is slipping ...very weird!! I think Sparky has also noticed this on his Vec.