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Manifold bolts - done

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  • Manifold bolts - done

    Well got the manifold bolts done and all under warranty etc - Had a 20k service whilst it was in as it was very shorlty due. All happy, no complaints.

    Had to laugh though - I asked them not to wash the bus or hoover it, and they agreed not to but did ask why - I just said I'm very fussy (knowing it wouldnt be to my standards).

    So anyway went to pick it up - there my nice dirty bus (had done 400 miles in snow ice and frost). Whilst I was in paying the missus said a grey haired guy in overalls wondered up to a very dirty corsa vxr in the car park with a bucket, and, without pre rinsing in anyway, just started washing it with hand (wet sponge onto dry dirty panels).

    Someones going to have a swirly car!!!

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    Mine is in today being done , picking up tomorrow......

    Gotta love the chevrolet matiz thingy im hacking round in
    Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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      Jeez, I remember getting a matiz years ago when my Honda Civic thing was being repaired (the old rover 45 shape but the 1.8 screaming engine, vtr i think it was), I paid the misses £50 to use it for the 3 days instead of me, and I used hers it was dreadful. I must say that the times my bus has been in Ive had Astra's which at least is a normal car.


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        I got an Astra Sxi 1.6 and drove it quiet sensibly and returned a massive 34mpg ........
        I had to doubletake, I get more than that in the V6.

        I trust they took super super care of yours Marc?

        I asked them not to wash mine as they are incompetent ..... I didnt tell them that, I just said I was quiet fussy and I'd rather they didnt bother. So there we are in the car park, waiting to get out, and an old geezer from the dealership walks up to a filthy corsa VXR in arden in the service car park with a bucket. To my amazement, just started washing it, no pre rinse whatso ever just wet sponge on to dry dirty car. I told my mate and its a salesmanagers car so at least not a customers but honestly, WTF was he thinking.


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          Originally posted by vxrmarc View Post
          Mine is in today being done , picking up tomorrow......

          Gotta love the chevrolet matiz thingy im hacking round in
          LOL - a car that looks just as you would have drawn one when aged 5



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            what is the story with the manifold bolts?


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              VX changed the supplier of the manifold bolts during the production of VXR Zafs and Astras (and possibly other models) late 07 early 08. The metal is of an inferior quality (for the job it does) and have been know to snap off. I had also heard they were too short but no one confirmed that rumour.

              It only effects certain models of which VX are aware so if it affects a car you have then you'll get a card through the post.