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Does your rear creak?

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  • Does your rear creak?

    I was just wondering whether anybody else has had any issues with their Zaffy with regards to the above, my car seems to have developed a rather irritating creaking noise coming from the rear! this is especially bad at low speeds & if the camber of the road is pronounced.

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    i have a similar thing with mine i dont think it is anything serious but im unsure as to what it is it sound like creeking leather and only really notice it when going over speed humps or a realy rough surface at about 5 mph i also have an annoying rattle under the cover on top of the computer in the middle of the dash it only does it sometimes and even does it with the cover off which i cant understand cuz there is nothin loose


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      I have some very, very minor creaks, again at low speed but put it down to the combination of the harder suspension with the bodywork frame and interior complaining a little!

      I don't find it too annoying and seems to make less complaints than my Zafira GSi used to!

      Perhaps a dealer visit, but then again.....



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        cheers, dont get me wrong its a great car but the rattle at the front bugs me not sure what the local dealer would say as i actually bought the car in northern ireland but i suppose it still comes with the remainder of the warrenty


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          Cheers for the reply guys, i will pop it into the dealer but judging from other posts, it would seem a little dodgey, however a mate of mate is a vauxhall tech so might see what he has to say. It really is a source of annoyance, will have to get it sorted soon!

          regards, flinty


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            driving mine today and to be honest i only very rearly hear a creekfrom the rear going over speed humps i think it might be th 6th and 7th seats that are folder underneath report your findings if yours amounts to anything.


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              managed to sort this myself, on the tailgate thre are 2 adjustible nuts ( 1 on each side) just a case of cranking it out a bit more to stop the tailgate from moving