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VXRPC Remap Stage 1

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  • VXRPC Remap Stage 1

    Hey eveyone

    New member. Just bought a Zafira VXR in Arden Blue (will get some pictures up soon) and I am about to go visist 888/VXR on Saturday for the stage 1 remap and some nice blue silicone hoses.

    What should I expect from the stage 1 remap??


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    Welcome Darrenlee, don't think many on here have had their zaffys remapped yet. I know 1 or 2 have & I think that they are pleased with the results!- let us know how you get on




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      Hi Darrenlee - I've still not had a remap done yet so I'd be interested too to hear how you get on after your visit to 888/VXR on Saturday?



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        If you own a VXR and have not had Stage 1 done yet - GET IT DONE ITS F***ING AMAZING.

        BHP with sport button off is now 250bhp

        BHP with sport button on is now 275bhp

        It now revs up tp 7000rpm and has improved MPG with sport button off.

        Amazing - I am still smiling


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          Have you had it dyno'd then....

          I did not think vxr 888 had one.

          don't get me wrong i am sure its a vast difference but without further mods you normall get around 265 - 268 max....

          although every engine is different i suppose.

          did it take a while to relearn on the adaptive sensors ?

          Is it 100% everytime or does it feel slower sometimes.

          I am thinking of getting it done but I was a little unsure on which tuner..


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            I guess you're pleased with it then DarrenLee!?!

            Can you outline a little detail on the noticable differences and benefits?

            I'm still borderline on having the mod so keen to gain a better view of what to expect. Cheers.



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              No you are right itolson they do not have a dyno but based on Tony Pilchers (Head of VXR PC and who did all the work) experience and the computer he hooked up while taking the car for a couple of test runs he felt strongly it was on the 275bhp mark.

              The remap they use is a new updated version which gives 270 - 280 without any other mods - give them a ring if you feel unsure. It is getting a dyno run at the end of the month so I hope to have better results.

              It terms of driving differences:

              The acceleration and power delivery through every gear with sport button ON is amazing and proof is in how fast it can blast up through the speeds until you chicken out.

              With sport button OFF it is a little more refined but still has a power difference. However, you feel more in control and the power comes in nicer steps without the torque steer.. MPG is better (averaging about 35mpg at the moment - mainly town driving).

              Overall I am really pleased - my favourie part is the increased exhaust note when in SPORT MODE - really raspy and toned.


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                Do you drive it hard most of the time or now and again..

                my average is down at 25 and its a good mix of driving.

                let me know how you get on.


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                  I drive it carefully most fo the time BUT as soon as I hit a bit of open road I do like to push it hard through the gears - give it a workout.

                  As soon as I get to the rolling road I will post up results.


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                    Glad your pleased with the results, If you don't mind, how much did it cost for the map & hoses?


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                      I think the remap is £550.00 i guess the hosts are around the £100.00 mark but darren should be able to give you the exact cost.

                      The hoses are proberbly more of a visual treat then functional as the standard hoses are fine for a stage 1 remap.


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                        itolson, I noticed you posted on Astra sport club forum - good reply re: the Zaffy VXR . I don't think he was really in the market for a VXR as he didn't need to spend £22,000+ in any case IMO


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                          Oooooh, I can feel my credit card's due for a small dent and a trip to VXRPC is looming! I'm certainly leaning towards getting a bit more oooomph, particularly as suprises have all but worn off after 12 months ownership. Not sure I need a hose job though!

                          Out of interest itolson / flinty, which post you referring to?



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                            follow the thread but also read the other post that he has written!



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                              he did ask re the gsi to vxr though....

                              so i gave him my opinion.

                              I think i will wait and see how darren is getting on with his until i look at getting mine remapped.

                              as for the hoses, i think they are a little bit of a waste unless you are looking at higher boost levels.

                              they do look good though, although this may give the vx dealer an idea that someone's been tinkering unfer the bonnet.