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  • Its all gone quiet

    Is everyone too busy driving their new shiny VXR's to talk on this site now. Where's all the reviews and pics?

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    Here here come on folks, pics please and reviews.


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      Hi every one,
      Well sorry for the long awaited report on new vxr,Well here we go,
      Fantastic handleing, gives a very positive, confident feeling of taking
      on the most demanding bends, not real into midrange corning, I prefer
      high speed bends, like 120 plus, it really tests your ability to calculate
      whether or not its possible to take the bend at what you might think be
      achivable,but with this model whatever you thow at the vxr im 100 %
      sure that you, will backout before you machine does ,Well done GM
      Take off TC and have some real fun , produces 30% more driving plesure.
      Makes a beautiful acustic note from them twin pipies when you hit your high
      rev range,people tell me, yes its a head turner,ive noticed , the only negative point ,if you can give it one, is of courese the .......................
      can you guess? £100K to the correct answer
      let you know next time i pop in and let you know on other perfomance details, rerember V-V-V