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zafira gsi coolant leak bad!

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  • zafira gsi coolant leak bad!

    hey all. I hope everyone is well. I am in need of some advice on the Z20LET engine. Do the water pumps fail and leak? are they known for this? Im asking as mine keeps emptying the coolant tank every day. I see steam coming up through the timing guard. I do have another water pump if needed but just wanted to know if they are known to leak badly. Thanks. No head gasket issues, oil is fine and heater does get lovely when there is coolant in it obviously lol.

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    I wouldn’t say they are known to leak, but they can.
    I had to replace mine just 3 years after the main dealer swapped it and the cambelt out due to a small leak.


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      Thanks bro.....Right short update. Went to Maccys after work and whilst queing up i could see steam coming out the bonnet drivers side. Parked up and walked into Maccys. Came out and popped bonnet coolant level was full so i was bemused. Then took my car to get clutch done, the mechanics disconnected the battery as my clocks were all 00.00 and i had the orange radiator with fan light on the dash that wasnt there before. Car drives mint and isnt losing coolant, it was but now isnt! heater is warm so what is this light? and how do i get rid of it?