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strong smell of petrol when warm and stopped.

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  • strong smell of petrol when warm and stopped.

    Any one had petrol smell issues when coming to a halt at lights etc.

    tried the petrol cap its tight....

    just my luck everything has been fine for a couple of months....

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    Cant say iv seen much on here in referance to fuel smell problems other than when you overfill the tank and soak the charcoal lining around the fuel cap, means that you will smell fuel strongly for about 2 weeks
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      it's probably your fueling washing your bores out


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        i get this in mine, but when i get in from cold, the interior smells of petrol occasionally
        its in for its 1st service in a month or so, i am gonna ask them to check it out


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          I have had this last summer, but it seemed to correct itself, had a look for a leak, couldn't find anything.


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            Originally posted by crammy View Post
            I have had this last summer, but it seemed to correct itself, had a look for a leak, couldn't find anything.
            Me also and it's corrected itself, read a thread on here about either the seal in the petrol cap being gone or making sure the petrol cap was on tight.

            I always turn the petrol cap until it has clicked a few times and that seems to have sorted it out.


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              Hi peeps...
              Are you re-fueling with Shell V-Power by any chance?

              If so this could be your answer as everytime I filled my Astra up with the stuff I used to get a strong smell of fuel in the cabin..
              I've since changed over to Tesco's T99 which I fill up to the brim and the smell has gone completley..
              I also encountered the same problem with my Corsa VXR I owned previously..

              I think it's the detergeant they put in the Shell that's causing the strong smell... but then I'm no expert but the process of elimination has worked for me..

              Hope this helps?

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                i use tesco 99 ron and still get the smell !


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                  i used to get the smell off petrol in the car really bad then i found out the petrol cap was coming loose even after it was tightened


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                    On a recent trip to Normandy I got a strong smell of petrol inside the car for a day or so. There wasn't much I could do in France so I just carried on for the remainder of the break (it wasn't a full tank either).

                    It's not happened since .
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                      Occasionally I also have strong smell of petrol, 9/10 would be the time I fill her up full, lol.
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                        well the smell seems to have gone away for now, it may have been over filling as i try and get as much in as possible.

                        I try and use shell high octane and its never been an issue before now.

                        I now how ever have another issue, the exhaust seems to be catching the tunnel only when cold.

                        I will take a look tonight but its now out of warranty so i guess it going to cost...

                        Also the air-con was re-gassed twice in the last year of warranty once just before it ended, i complained then there was an under lying issue, guess what its down again as the pump is making a noise again and its not blowing cold.