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Problems with the Bus and the Service Dept who Not Repairing it properly !!!!

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  • Problems with the Bus and the Service Dept who Not Repairing it properly !!!!

    Hiya All.

    Just thought i would have a little Whinge regarding some problems with the bus and after 3 Warranty attempts they are still not repaired and i am still at Square 1.

    I have had the Bus just over a Month and since i have had it i have had the following few Problems.

    1. Dash is Creaking at the Centre Console.
    2. The Car/Spanner Light still illumanates on the dash when the other lights go out.
    3. Petrol Range on dash not reading correctly.

    been in VX a few times now for warranty work, they keep putting insulation under dash for the creaking, but its still creaking, Said car doesnt need a system update for Range yet guage is showing nearly half a tank and the Range shows 0 ZERO MILES and they turned the light off last week yet today it has come back on.

    It is booked in for 1 final time and i have said last chance or you can keep the car.

    any advise on the problems and the matter is apprechiated !!!!

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    I think the spanner light stays on when there us an error code logged.

    Think I read on here the range prob is a system update.

    As for the creak, I get a few rattles etc but nothing from the dash.


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      my dash creaks a bit and the range thing has been an issue with 3 or the vxr's ive owned so ive just got used to it.


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        How old is the car?

        Have you checked what fault code you're getting?

        The only issue that I've experienced with fuel & the amount it shows is where I've only put a small amount in; ie super unleaded is not available.


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          if you dont like the service then go to another dealer!
          have you tried seeing if there is a code when you test for them? hold brake and throttle down and turn ignition on but dont start car. look at your dash and read the ecn number, if there are none it will say 000000


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            That sucks!

            My dealer has replaced two dash/instrument panels in the last 6 months for two different reasons. I must have over a grand worth of work from them, I am just so glad that I bought mine from a dealer, not private every time I need work to do!

            If it is network-q warranty that you have got, just go to another dealer, matey.
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              I have problems with my dealer, going to another is not always that simple . The next nearest dealer to me is 185 miles away , across the north sea ! £400 return with the car .

              VX are let down by a poor dealer network , cars are great , service isn`t .. There are good ones out there, but sadly outnumbered by the rest ..

              Hope you get it sorted dude ...


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                Cheers for all ya messages. Firstly the car is a dec 2005 55reg, I have checked the for the fault code but it shows 000000 yet the light stays on till the engine has started meaning there is some sort of problem, not sure if its the key or not.

                as for the Range, the dealer stats its already had the latest software update so they cant do one for the petrol range, The minimmum amount of petrol i have to put in is at least £20, anything less and the needle shows between quarter and half yet the range goes from 30 to 0 Zero.

                The creaking on the dash is also a nightmare, sounds as if i am getting a part of the dash and trying to bend it in half the noise is torturing, also it gets worse when the dash is cold like first thing.

                I can take it to another dealer but it is over 25 mile away, and they always need ya car for a full day meaning you get a ****** 1.0 vauxhall Agila courtasy car and guaranteed the petrol light is flashing before you even move.

                I have spoke to the sales manager today and he is coming over to the service desk next week when the car goes in to have a word as i told him sort it or you can keep it.


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                  Alright Reidy, sorry to hear your having a few problems mate. Is it my local dealer your havin probs with(not wanting to mention names) because if it is i have had a nightmare with them before for my old 55 plate astra vxr. I was there everyday at one point getting wiring problems sorted and have been there driving a s****y agila more than the vxr at one point. So stand your ground mate or they will take the p***.
                  As for the software update for the range, might be talkin *******s but can they not re-install software update anyway. Have you had any engine mods done?
                  What petrol you puttin in. I read somewhere in the corsa section about problems with the sender unit with tesco99?