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    Has any one had any problems with their bus security wise or heard of one been stolen, i dont take any extra precations at all, but it seems quite a few astras are stolen each week.
    Should i beef up my security, is there a resonable need>

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    The alarm is cat 1, so, pretty good to be honest. 9 out 10 of cars fitted with cat 1 alarm stolen were had their keys taken, ie, break into the house and take the keys, so, I have just installed a house security system and 24-hr cctv mainly for the keys, lol.
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      As with most modern cars these days, they are going nowhere without the keys, unless they end up on the back of a transporter of course.

      The Zaf still falls within the family people carrier mold, and believe it or not most car thieves stay away from these type of cars.

      The Astra of course is a different animal all together. There is more chance of outrunning the cops in the Astra than trying to fit the Zaf down a narrow ginnel.

      Even though the car may not be targetted if you leave the keys on view by the front door there is every chance they will go ( simple hook and cane device will take car of that )

      For me there is no more security needed than keep your keys out of view and just me mindful of what is around you when you are out in the car.



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        Hiya Blue Rich, if you look a few posts up you'll see my post about my sister inlaws car been stolen, they broke into her house and stole the car & to make it worse its been spotted a week later only 20 mins down the road so i think you can never have to much security.


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          Hi Spike, its sad about your sister, it must be hard for her to stay in the house, but hope she cab pit it behind her.
          It was your post which made me think about the security of my bus as i pretty much never give it a thought.
          need to start putting my keys away!


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            the alarm system on our zaffys are brill i set mine off the other day by mistake and it woke up the whole street pmsl


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              She was called last nite mate saying that they had found her car not to far away with only scuffed alloys which is good but it does show that these thieving little wxxkers will do anything to steal what doesn't belong to them.
              She is having a tracker fitted and a security device fitted that when the car is started if you haven't de-activated it the fuel pump cuts off and the horn sounds constantly so the little wxxkers will wake the whole street up and they won't be able to get the car off the drive.