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Opeltreffen Oscherleben Gemany, June 2011 Dates TBC

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  • Opeltreffen Oscherleben Gemany, June 2011 Dates TBC

    I'm Chris Harden and I am gauging interest for a eurotrip to the Opeltreffen Oschersleben Germany in June 2011.

    You may have seen my Mk1 Astra GTE Turbo about at some shows this year.

    I went to Oschersleben this year with the Mk1 Astra (weekend before PVS) 3-6th June 2010.
    What an amazing show!, 19,900 cars, 67,400 attendance for it.
    Does anyone fancy it for 2011?
    The likely show dates are to be 2nd -5th June 2011.Thursday-Sunday.

    I arrived on the Wednesday evening and met loads of friendly Opel fans, as was made to feel very welcome.
    It's a mix of Billing and PVS.
    Billing style camping and club stand displays, also a big party out the back of the motorsport arena. (PVS)

    This is how far people come from!
    Participants from: Benelux countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland,
    Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, England(Me), Spain – amongst others.

    2010 Review
    Oschersleben Opel Meet 2010

    I've already had feedback from the oragnisers about a UK club stand and they will do that for us.
    The official date comes out at the end of the year. Bookings HAVE to be in by 1st MARCH or no stand tickets available. 20k cars is rather a lot for the organiser to get through, so that's why is that date.

    Checking out ferry/tunnel prices at the mo, Some bargains if you are booking that far in advance.
    Eurotunnel £90 return
    P&O Ferries £? Prices TBC

    The dates I put in were depart 1st June 8am ish & return 5th June 8pm ish.
    It's 484 miles from Calais (60mph avg 8 hrs drive all motorway/autobahn)
    If this clashes with PVS 2011, I would rather go here.

    I went on my own this year, however my brother and a few guys from PNG want to come over for the next one. Anyone else up for a trip?

    One bit of advice if you fancy going, try and learn some German, I was in the Army back in the 90's so knew a bit of the language.
    I only found 1 other natural English speaking person, most was pidgeon english, but enough to get the gist of what was being said. Don't let it put you off though, It's the BEST show i've done EVER!

    Photobucket Pic Album: Oschersleben 2010 pictures by ChrisMk1 - Photobucket
    Video of the show:YouTube - 15 Opeltreffen Oschersleben 2010

    Links to check out:

    Oschersleben show:Oschersleben Opel Meet 2010


    P&O Ferries:P&O Ferries | Ferries to France | Cross Channel Ferries

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    Here's a breakdown of EVERYTHING it cost me to go and come back, Also what you need to take for the trip.

    I will go through everything I can think of with a brief explanation, just in case this would be your first eurotrip.

    Required Things Needed - CAR.

    1) Passport - Not get out the UK without it!
    2) Log Book (V5 Document) - Needs to be original, not a copy.
    3) Insurance Green Card - Normally free, but check with your car insurance company. Normally up to 90 days cover free. Just need to tell them the dates you will be away.
    4) MOT Certificate - Needs to be valid original, not a copy.

    Things Needed to be in the Car by LAW.

    On the spot fines IF the foreign plod catch you without any/working.

    5) Headlight beam benders - for driving in europe, and not dazzling them with UK spec headlights.
    6) Spare set of bulbs - Headlight & tail-light ones.
    7) Warning Triangle - In case you breakdown - to warn other drivers.
    8.) Hi-Viz Reflective Vest/Jacket - France (if you breakdown)
    9) Spare Tyre/Can Tyreweld/ Runflat Tyres - Must carry a spare of some sort
    10) Country of Origin Sticker (GB sticker) - Needs to be on the back of the car (No. plate GB ones are ok)

    I Recommend to have in the car, But not required by law.

    11) First Aid Kit - Breakdown/Accident
    12) Fire extinguisher - Breakdown/ Car Fire/ Accident
    13) Tow rope/ Jump Leads - You never know if you'll need them
    14) Oil/Water in 1/2/5ltr containers - whatever you want
    15) Tools/Spanners/Fan Belts - Comes in handy if you need to do a roadside repair to get you there/home.


    All costs are from the 2010 show and MAY go up slightly for 2011.

    1) Car Club Stand Pass - € 15
    2) Gate Entry (weekend wristband PER PERSON IN THE CAR) - € 25
    3) Ferry/ Eurotunnel ticket (return) - £50-90
    4) AA European Breakdown Roadside/Recovery Cover for 1 week
    (27yr old Mk1 Astra) - £69 Extra £30 included £500 labour cover to fix IF breakdown/accident occured and needed to recover car back to the UK.
    5) EHIC - European Health Card Insurance from the UK Gov - Free.
    Register online/Post office for free/reduced costs for medical expenses in europe (Not free like NHS)
    6) Travel Insurance for unforseen problems (eg broken leg & can't drive home) - £8 Single trip, 1 week cover
    7) Food & Drink - Like PVS/Billing - Burger/ Kebab/ Chip stalls and beer tents available. Can bring own or Supermarket in Oschersleben for local beer.

    They normally drink bottles in Germany and find cans a bit odd !

    8.) PETROL - £320 for 1600miles of travelling from Rochdale to Oschersleben (50miles from Berlin) and back again.
    This INCLUDES the first fill up in Rochdale to get to Dover. 307miles

    I used European Motorway services for fueling. The cost was €1.44 per litre (£1.25 per litre) This was when the exchange rate was £1= €1.15
    Hopefully the exchange rate will be better in 2011.

    £120 of the £320 was done filling up in the UK.

    TOTAL COST is around £550 for EVERYTHING.
    1 week in Germany with your own car.

    Give or take a few quid for what type of Ferry/mpg you get.
    I averaged 30mpg with a Mk1 Astra Turbo Housebrick aerodynamics.
    The fastest I went was 75/80 for a short burst, no rush to get there on the Wednesday.


    There is no camping allowed on the Wednesday night inside the show area.
    Gates OPEN Thursday Morning 8AM!
    There is a layby outside the main entrance.
    Quite a few people park/camp there the night before.

    Hotels may be available in the area, but I think they will be booked pretty quickly.
    The Hotel onsite at the track is fully booked already!

    It is possible to set a tent up for the night.
    I didn't, I slept in the car for that night, (long day driving, slept like a log!)

    At 7am (German time) the road will be FULL of Opels waiting to get in the show grounds. We blocked off the main road for nearly 2hrs trying to get in.
    Thats the fun having 4 days of just chilling and talking cars.


    The Show is all done and dusted by 12pm on the Sunday.
    The prize giving/trophies are given out then. Most people have gone by that time, people drift off from 7-11am and there is no great traffic jam to get out and back on the motorway.

    Nurburgring Visit 2011:

    Rock Am Ring is on at the same time as the show.(3rd-5th June 2011)

    I went down on the Sunday night after the show finished. It was the last night of Rock Am Ring and there was NO chance the track would be cleared ready for any Monday running. IMO, The Tuesday would be the first time you would be able to get on the track.

    The best option if you want to do the Ring on this trip, would be to go BEFORE going to Oschersleben.
    Setting off 2 days before to get track time, then drive to Oschersleben on the Wednesday to meet up.

    Any questions or queries, let me know and i'll try and answer them for you.



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      Longtime no speak, think last time we chatted was as the joint VXRo/AON Awesome Gti RR day ?

      Anyway looks good - maybe interested although its far too early for me to say at the moment


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        its around the same time as the Le Mans 24 Hours 2011 mate,i for one will be going to Le Mans,if vx are doing it again.
        it does look a good show.


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          Originally posted by wayne/vxr View Post
          its around the same time as the Le Mans 24 Hours 2011 mate,i for one will be going to Le Mans,if vx are doing it again.
          it does look a good show.


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            The date has been released for the 2011 Treffen

            May 19-22nd!
            Hopefully this does not clash with the LeMans trip and there may be a few people interested.
            Passport & polish at the ready!

            From the Opeltrffen website:

            Listen up, listen and! Date for the world's largest Opel Meet the May 2011

            Some of you already scrape (rightly!) With the hooves. Now, the wait to an end as the deadline for the 16th Edition of the world's largest Opel meeting in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben is set! As the exact date was now the 19th to 22 May 2011 set. So you have more than six months time to make all necessary preparations for the biggest bash of the Opel world. We also put in the first plans, for the Opel-Treffen 2011, this year's meetings continued to beat record time. This is certainly not easy, but we are confident. First details about the program highlights in December 2011, we want to announce at this point. So stay tuned!