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Rolling Rd Day, All invited!!!

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  • Rolling Rd Day, All invited!!!

    Hi Guys & Girls,

    I have just registared here but unfortunalty i don't own a vxr.

    I own a focus st, Before you all slate me for it i am a believer of each to there own.

    I also run my own st club & one of our members has set up a rr day in Leicester.

    Thought it would be good if we could get a few differant cars there.

    We have 6 differant st's so far and i'm now trying to get ctr,vxr and maybe few others involved.

    It's on 22/10 starts around 10 & is £25 per car.

    Post here if you up for it. If we get enough interest i'll contact a mag and see if we can make it a feature.

    Thanks Mel

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    Can you post some pics of the facility, us VXR owners are a bit fussy about ventilation, we have travelled to these events before only to be presented with not much more than a bouncy castle inflating fan ???


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      Here is link to place where it's being held.


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        I have to be honest but looking at the pictures on their website doesn't fill me with joy...

        There really doesn't look like there's much cooling going on around the rolling road, just a tiny little fan up in the corner.

        The VXR cars, Astras & Monaros in particular, are extremely fickle with their cooling requirements. They even have problems in bays that have 2x1.5 meter blowers and 2x1meter extractor fans.

        I'm only saying this based on those pictures, if they can provide pictures showing their actual cooling system, you will probably get a more possitive response



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          The big blue box at front of rollers is there fan.

          I have been to look & it's a very good fan.

          As with your vxr's the st's suffer in heat so same as you i would not go anywhere with cr*p fan.