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New Year Drink

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  • New Year Drink

    Well, who's up for a New Year drink. I propose that we could all get together on a Saturday evening for a drink, chat and perhaps some grub. You never know we may be able to entice the VXL folks down for a couple of orange juices.

    The thoughts are:

    The Brache public house , Osborne Road, Luton.

    This is basically the pub opposite Griffin house (VXL HQ). There is a Travel Inn on site so anyone looking to stay over can do.

    We would need to look at dates during mid-Jan to mid Feb.

    I will start the ball rolling for: 13th Jan 2007.

    This was a usual event for the Vauxhall Sports Car Club so hopefully it will be a good gathering of Vauhall nuts.

    If you put your name down with your prefered date then if another date looks better with more attending we can change it.

    So an event to start off 2007, as we move towards the show and event season. Everyone is invited.

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    Im up for the 13th Jan for a drink. Hubbie will be back then aswell so there will be the arguement over who is driving down!!!! :P


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      Ahh... but who will be driving BACK!!!


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        im easy going on a date be it Jan or Feb


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          Well i think i should be able to make this one ok.

          If your looking for other dates then i also have the 6th Jan and the 3rd Feb.

          Mel we could do a mini convoy again if i can get Dave to come as well.

          **Edit. Dave not able to come as he's working and cant get the time off.**


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            Im up for a convoy again. Will have the stage 3 by then!!!! Can you keep up with me and Dave by then!! he he he

            Im ok for both the 6th and 3rd Feb aswell, after the 10th is better for me so I can bring the hubbie.

            Hope your well oh and i wasnt on myspace at 4:20am, not quite that addicted yet, I think your timing maybe set up wrong on the profile.


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              sounds good to me i will be attending bit of a far way out for me seen as tho i live in warrington but im always up for road trips will you be able to PM or e-mail me with the details and the post code please if possible

              thanxs looking forward to it already
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                i'm up for it should have my astra vxr by then plus get me out of the house sadly the other half will wanna come so don't get away from her lol



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                  Least she can drive you home!!

                  When do you get the beast? Bet you can't wait?


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                    Only down the road so no problem with any date


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                      hopely goin to get her on the 30th dec fingers crossed, and no i can't wait
                      cheers John & vix


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                        Will do my best to make 13th, or any other date for that matter


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                          I'm gonna make an effort.... no promises though


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                            yep, put me down for it, only ten mins away, be good to start the year with a meet. swap all the socks and aftershave we got for christmas, lol.

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                              cant make it im afraid. i will be working, many miles away.

                              i would have liked to though.