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Any east anglia monthly meets?

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  • Any east anglia monthly meets?

    Hi There,

    i am a new member of the VXR Online, picking up my insignia on saturday.

    just wondering if the east anglia area (im from braintree) has any regular monthly meets or local wihtin the region for general views, chats or coffee etc

    looking forward to meeting up wiht others of the same interests etc



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    Hi there, I haven’t been on vxronline for over a year now, seen this, I’m also from Braintree, think I may have seen You around, are you the blue insignia with the Irish style plates?

    I often attend maldon cars and coffee at the museum of power 3rd Sunday of every month Which is quite a popular gathering, always a burger van there for a bit of breakfast ect. Nice variety of cars too. I often used to announce it on here to try and organise a few people from here to go, but never had any response. 5-10 years ago it was brilliant for meets. But now it just doesn’t happen. But I’d be more than happy to meet and drive over to maldon, I have a few others who normally go also for a nice little convoy over there.

    Keep an eye out for me around Braintree, mines a near on 500bhp Astra GSi in blue with black td wheels and yellow KSport callipers, can’t miss me lol.




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      Anyone doing meets when and where is the maldon meet held and the next time it’s on