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West Midlands Meet... + BIG VXR Photoshoot!!

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  • West Midlands Meet... + BIG VXR Photoshoot!!

    Hi everyone!
    Finally back on VXRO after getting my car back on the road after last months ordeal!

    Anyway hope everyone's enjoying the weather while its here!

    Now, to the subject...

    Some may be aware from this thread

    that some of you expressed interest in meeting up some time this summer for a photoshoot after I had made a suggestion.
    Now regardless of how many people turn up I think we can make it a good day unless its like 2/3 people lol I shall be taking photos and everyone else is obviously more than welcome to do so too!!

    We need to first come up with a location so throw your suggestions this way... Somewhere ideal and near to people in the West Midlands obviously... I was thinking of Barr Beacon... maybe you'll find it crap... maybe not.

    Please provide dates (weekend dates) as to when it will be possible for you to meet. I was thinking SATURDAY 23rd JULY...

    After we come up with Time, Date and Location we shall start a List of attendees!

    Any other suggestions/advice please say so as I have never organised meets like this before!


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    Can someone please sticky this please


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      I'd be up for that, but barr beacon maybe not,

      will there be room up there with all the dogging going on lol.

      how about sutton park??


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        Originally posted by philgvxr View Post

        how about sutton park??
        Damn!! Silly me!! Sutton park was completely out of my mind!! That would be a perfect location IMO.


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          Ill come along, just depends on time
          PS3 iD - Zabawaa


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            I'll b up for this

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              Wont need stickying be alright in this section. Wont be able to make this one as its to far for me.


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                And me to possibly


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                  I could possibly come for once!!!


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                    id be up for it just need to no the date for def coz need to book of work should be good


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                      So far then it looks like Sutton Park it is!! Any dates? 23rd or 24th July? So most of should be off work any way.


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                        24th no good for me, wife is doing race for life in western Park that day and a bloody wedding on the 23rd just realised

                        16th/17th June is donnington big meet and chlodomary pagent of power events.

                        30 th July is T.V.Live event,

                        theres always something to do on here

                        9th/10th july looks promising but is it too short notice for peeps??......
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                          9th/10th would be alright for me but I suppose that may be too short of notice for some. What do others say?


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                            guys before this thread runs away wait for tom and billy to take control of this as they are the ro's

                            so they can sort a proper thread and list to keep it tidy and gives them chance to speak with skamiii
                            VXR enough
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                              Originally posted by britishbeef View Post
                              guys before this thread runs away wait for tom and billy to take control of this as they are the ro's

                              so they can sort a proper thread and list to keep it tidy and gives them chance to speak with skamiii
                              its my name thats green billys just my ***** (love you bill)

                              Right.. skamiiii i will stick thread for you mate and will watch thread with interest but its up to you to sort it all,it seems that whatever me & bill try to organise people put there names down and then p155 us all about by not showing etc
                              so although im hoping you dont get dissapointed by lack of interest/turnout (although im sure you wont as it seems people prefer a free meet than an activity that actually costs money )
                              If you want any advice or abit of help just pm me mate