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VXR Trackday - Snetterton, Saturday August 26th 2006

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  • VXR Trackday - Snetterton, Saturday August 26th 2006

    Right, after much messing about we've now sorted this. Due to the relatively low numbers its impossible to get a decent circuit without it costing a small fortune to everyone who wants to come along, the alternative is to get some pikey airfield where you run the risk of stonechips and some micky mouse circuit of cones. So we've combined a few ideas to come up with this.

    Snetterton is a wide open and long circuit with a mix of long sweeping turns and tight technical corners with one of the UK's longest striaights (so the Monaros can stretch their legs a bit) so is the perfect place for a VXR track day. The day will be run in sessions of 20mins each (so three per hour) so you'll get between 6-8 track sessions for the day (which believe me is plenty) all of which are exclusive VXR only track sessions! Depending on numbers (and the desire) I'm hoping we can open it up to other Vauxhalls as well although the VX220's have their own session as the day is shared with the VX220 Site National day so they have their own track sessions and paddock area.

    The following day (Sunday 27th) is also the Tuner Grand Prix where the UK's finest tuning firms are competing against each other on the circuit and the drag strip and most of the Vauxhall tuners will be there competing (Wortec and LSV both have a few Monaros there...still waiting to hear from Courtenay and Regal)...anyone paying to come on the track day will get a free ticket to the Tuner GP as well!

    TMS will be there offering full technical support and assistance on the day all completely free of charge! We can't formally enter cars into the Tuner GP (we run the event after all) so we'll be there to ansure all the cars are looked after and run ok on the track, doesn't matter who your car is tuned by (or shock horror its standard ) we're just there to ensure that mechancially the cars are all ok.

    Vauxhall are entering a factory team into the Tuner GP complete with one of the current BTCC drivers piloting the Astra Sprint so I imagine (hope) they'll be attending on the Saturday as well for the VXR track day. TMS will be offering passenger rides in its range of cars including the development Astra VXR and 5 VX220 race cars.

    Attendance to the event is completely free! However to drive on track costs £99 which for a weekend in summer is a bargain. This covers all your sessions (whole day) in a VXR exclusive session. We'll also be offering driver instructions from fully ARDS qualified instructors at a cost of £20 per session, do take up on this, the quickest way to get better on circuit is by tuning the driver not tuning the car! (trust me its painful to type that )

    Tickets for the event will be available on the TMS site shop along with booking for instruction.

    Remember, just to come along and watch is completely free, it should be a great day and with the Tuner GP the following day it promises to be a great week-end.

    To drive on track you can book via our shop which is here:

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    count me in for it, sounds like a good organised event and i could do with some track tuition :wink:


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      Price update.

      Its now £99 to drive on track......the cheapest Snetterton day all year !


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        John, Whats the situation with passenger onboard, are they allowed or not allowed.


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          I am very very tempted. Can anyone recomend and track day insurance??


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              Great day
              thanks to John (Thorney) and his team from TMS for a great day and inviting along to join at their national day for a trrack event and thanks to all the VXR owners who came, must do it again (Y)

              pre track checks and adjustments and top ups

              early morning arrivals

              Ian in the zone and ready to go

              Andrew in the zone for posing following "right" indicator check

              Stuart, checks done

              the VXR line up

              there is always one who spoils it for the rest, or was that just trying desperately to fit in lol

              track action

              chilling in the pits


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                post track wash and pose

                Sunday pics to follow