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Detailing Area in the Trade Village

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  • Detailing Area in the Trade Village

    As posted on the Detailing thread

    Guys we have had a thought that some of you may want to show off you detailing skills at the VXR Power Festival at Silverstone on Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th August.

    We are looking at providing an area in the Trade Village where you can show off your products and skills and even sell product.

    Please eithier PM me your ideas and names if you want involved or contact the Power Festival Helpline direct on 01603 785825 to book in.

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    Would be a good idea to get a number of sellers there, particularly those that have already offered discount codes to VXR online members.

    The problem i forsee is there might be some fisty cuffs between all the vendors unless you invite ones who offer difference products, Dodo, Autoglym, Chemical Guys etc.

    I know Dodo, Autoglym and Swissvac often show at the Autosport show they could be interested I guess as opposed to or in addition to the wholesalers.

    I would be interested in watching demonstrations on machine polishing if this could be arranged.

    People could show their own cars as well, the problem I have is the damn hose pipe ban so cant show mine unfortunately (mind you there are cleaner ones than mine around) - the car I mean !!!

    How about a Snow Foam Service? Set up a nice jet washer and snow foam and charge £3 or something for a snow foam and rinse? I like to play with my hose all day but not this time around hehehe.

    Not sure if that offers you any ideas in addition to your own thoughts or not?

    Astra VXR SMD Conversion, a couple of window stickers, front VXR badge and someone stole my rear VX badge!!! TOTALLY PIMPED OUT