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Power Festival info.Q+A

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  • Power Festival info.Q+A

    1) will the tickets be paper tickets sent in the post,or e:mails we have to print off. = Paper tickets which will be posted
    2) when will tickets be sent out. = Wednesday is first mailing
    3) can people buy tickets on the gate (price). = yes, £20 weekend, £15 sat or sun, £5 for under 18.
    4) times the power festival opens. = Site opens from 07.30 but activities dont start till 10.00 on Saturday and 9.00 Sunday
    5) do people need a helmet to get out on track time. = YES we provide Helmets but you can use your own.
    6) can people rent a helmet from vauxhall for the day. = FOC
    7) if you have track time can you take a passenger, if yes age of passenger. = No Passangers
    8.) age you have to be to drive your own car on track. = you have to be over 18 and have held a full uk licence for a year.
    9) can people buy track time on the day. = yes.
    10) age you have to be to drive vauxhalls cars. = 21
    11) do people need both parts of there licence.= Yes
    12) can you ring the DVLA if people turn up without both parts of licence. = Yes on Satursday No on Sunday ( So remember both bits of your license
    13) can people buy good fuel on track. = YES Times TBC
    14) is there places to eat. = Yes on site
    15) is there an event photographer. = Yes and Camera Crew
    16) can people buy vxr merchandise. = YES
    17) Car Wash facilities = Yes there will be access to Taps on site