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  • Gsxr1000

    Used to have this

    Now i have this, just been on dyno and got 175 bhp at rear wheel which is 198 bhp at crank

    Fun on 2 wheels, ya cant beat it

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    now that looks sexy, im wanting one. how much did you pay for the last one?
    my build thread -


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      0-60 in about 2.5 seconds ... bet the vixer feels slow after being on that
      VXR8 LS2 6.0 Auto... Nickel silver build 0087


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        Seen 188 on clock lol, on private road of course!! VXR has gone and a scooby wrx sti sits in his place!!


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          i had one of these as well i also see ur a gixrjunkie do you use redcar motorbikes for ur spares as i'm also on the gixrjunkies


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            Looks great mate!


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              Lovin the TL kinda like the Gixer too, lol. As you say, as good as cars are, they are not a patch on a sportsbike! Just a quick question, who mapped the power commander for you??

              Got this myself

              Also on GJ forum, AndyE on there, if you are ever up for a blast, let me know.
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                love all the bikes on this thread, ive had both a k2 600 and a k7 600 which went earlier this year, dont ride anymore unless its on track

                ride safe
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                2006 Astra VXR, Flame Red, 19's, AFL, Headlamp Washers, Cruise Control, CD70 + Aux in, Premium Speakers, CID, Bluetooth, Powerfold Mirrors, DDS/TPMS, Sight & Light, Park Pilot, Check Control, Speed Locking - All retrofitted by me 14.17 @ 100 MPH PVS 2011


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                  Those are quality. Learning to ride a bike is becoming more and more appealing, I'm just worried I may kill myself on one.

                  Maybe one day...


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                    heres my bike

                    Back Once Again Like A Renegade Master This Time in Black So It Must Be Faster


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                      Thinkin of sellin it for something cheaper!!!

                      Hmmm what to do lol, i do love this bike lol


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                        very nice, my old man had a V plate TL1000R in the same colours then got the K2 gsxr1000. both lovely machines but i liked the gixer for the inline 4 scream!

                        the TL had remus cans on and sounded amazin but prefer the gixer


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                          keeps crossing my mind to do bike test and i liek the gsxr and ninjas if i ever get round ot it ill probs be one of they 2 i buy


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                            Originally posted by smileydawn View Post
                            Thinkin of sellin it for something cheaper!!!

                            Hmmm what to do lol, i do love this bike lol
                            Wrong time to sell matey, its financial suicide to part with them in the winter.

                            Its kinda crossed my mind to chop mine in for a rough old track bike, and maybe an enduro monster, but cannot come to part with it......


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                              As said, dont sell at this time of year. I love gsxr's now i have one but was never interested before. I have always loved hondas in the past.

                              Here is my 750 srad

                              Much faster than the vxr was, and scares the crap out of me every time i go out on it