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RalphVXR & Graemep vs BMW 1 Series Coupe - Pic Heavy

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  • RalphVXR & Graemep vs BMW 1 Series Coupe - Pic Heavy

    Well where to start......

    My boss, owner of the Golf VR6 that me and Graeme recently detailed, decided that he wanted his girlfriend's 2 year old BMW 1 Coupe enhanced.

    Ill be honest at 1st i thought this was going to be a doddle, nice hard BMW paint shouldn't be in that much of a state and a car less then 2 years old........

    Drove car home Friday and Graeme met me for chat at mine to think about usual plan of action, check out car for problems etc.

    If anybody searches jacking up Series 1 BMW they will understand, they dont have a proper jacking point and some wood was used to help the process and as much as some might say "oh you have faith in your Jacks", i did and i still do". These cars are a pain to jack and axel stand up.

    The usual megs APC was used on the arches as well as the Bilberry (along with Autosmart Tardis on the wheels which i might add were CAKED in burnt on brake dust), the wheels ended up with a claying but was not 100% perfect purely due to time constraints, both myself and Graeme would have liked more time but it wasnt to be.

    Snow foamed with citrus foam and washed using 2BM with some Megs Gold Class.

    Polished using both a rotary and DA also due to some time constraints, combination of some Sonus SFX-1 then stepping down to SFX-2, then finishing off on SFX-3 to make sure all holograms from the course polish were gone.

    Car to be honest was a bit of a mess and as you can see from a certain perspective we did the best of a hard job and i think a lesson was learned about how long this type of job can take on hard paint like the BMW.

    Bilbery Working

    Hired Help

    Bloody Birds

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    Paint Guage was consistant over all of the car

    Dirty Bucket

    Pre Polish shots

    Bird Bomb Done its job

    Wet Sanding :doublesho

    Few inside shots. Forgot to take after shots and time run out when the car got picked up :wall:

    Some finished shots

    All in all a hard day but both of us walked away saying we might be driving a BMW Msport in the near future, the ride quality was awesome and the Diesel engine more then held its own, think these are 170BHP standard as well.


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      nice job.....and balls of steel with the sandpaper............what do you do/use on the interior?

      Corsa VXR now sold


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        I didnt post up what i did on the interior simply because i forgto and didnt take after photos of it.

        Was just Hoovered and Autoglym Shampoo along with Leather care.

        Glass cleaned with Autogylm Glass

        I was dubious of the wet sanding shut my eyes when Graeme did it but it made a big difference as you can see


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          Ralph where are you located?


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            great job ,


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              Originally posted by A2ON View Post
              Ralph where are you located?
              north Kent mate


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                Phenomenal work yet again buddy


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                  Some nice results.
                  Corsa VXR Arctic Edition



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                    Nice results nice story pics too keep um coming.

                    ..................... THEY JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER.!!.................


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                      Did the inlaws series 1 today as well


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                        Thanks for the comments


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                          I WANT you to do my car


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                            I take that as a compliment thanks

                            Was an interesting day and we still learnt a lot


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                              Well done Dan and Graeme, nice results on the beemer but judging the state it was in when you got it ive a feeling it wont last long

                              V8, not for everyone but 10/10 for your effort.