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Moosh v’s Celeste Dettaglio

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  • Moosh v’s Celeste Dettaglio

    Moosh v’s Celeste Dettaglio

    This car was a friends from work who although he cared for his car and kept it clean its been through car washes all its day and fine for him and look fairly good for a 10 year old motor I knew what the colour would look like machined so I set about the challenge.


    I did the whole wash prep yesterday and wont bore you all with that, i then set about correcting the car with my Makita with a G-mop fitted and usedFarecla G10 compound.
    I then washed the car off again with Dodojuice born to be mild and dried with an aquatouch towel, I like to wash the car off and dry it after correction as this shows any areas that have been missed it also shows up any marks that require a few more passes with the machine, I had two area so i re polished these areas and washed off again and dried.

    I also went out to inspect the car under the street lights as these always show up little areas that have been missed but all was good.


    I washed the car again and dried it all off and inspected it again and was happy to do the next step of a layer of poorboys blackhole (by dodo daddy DA) which is a fav of mine atm. Sometime when this stuff is waxed over it will draw back the wax and the wax sometimes doesn’t shine as much as the sealant did so I was worried about that but I am trying out the wax so i may as well. I worked most of the sealant into the paint work so only had a small bit of buff work to do and on to the next stage.

    The car was wiped down with Swisswax pre wax cleansing oil so that it is fully free of any other materials and ready to have the wax applied.

    I applied an thin even layer of Celeste to the entire car using a dodo wax finger mitt (feel like a jerky with one of them on) but there no chem guys ones on the go yet so it will do for now. I then with a new Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur Plush Microfibre until there was no signs left, one thing i did find was there was a little dust at the end but I think that’s down to me applying it just that little bit to thick. I then left it an hour or so and did the glass work and plastics and then re buffed with another new Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur Plush Microfibre.

    And that’s how I did it, the second i had finished the heavens opened up so hence the wet photos! Reflection is the ultimate pat on the back for my hard work im delighted and the chap who owns the car is over the moon (close to tear I reckon)
    Not a super car but a super car finish, I will let the pictures do the talking here

    Same day no wax no nothing…

    The Arden vixer is needing attention next…

    I am no photographer and all pics were taken on my HTC desire comments welcome

    I know its not a supercar but its someones supercar!