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Menzs 3.02 and what pad?

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  • Menzs 3.02 and what pad?

    With my DA purchase i got menzs 3.02 and a n other.

    I also got a white, orange and yellow menzs pad... White being compounding, orange polish and yellow finishing.

    What pad/polish combo would i use for what application? Am i right in thinking that, at the moment, i dont have much
    need for the white compound pad? Also, what pad would i use with SRP and at what speeds (or same as normal?). Thanking youus
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    watch these videos

    as for the compound pad i don`t think you`ll need to use that on vauxhall paintwork .

    if it`s just for removing swirls the polishing pad should do the trick

    once you`ve watched the videos you`ll have a good idea on how to use the DA polisher ,


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      Always start slowly then build up speed as you work the polish in

      As him above says wouldnt have thought youd need the Compound pad.

      Trial and error mate just go slowly and learn about it as you go


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        Advice as per above.

        Start with the polish and the softest pad you have, if this doesnt work use a harder pad and see if that doesnt, if that doesnt work move to a harder pad and so on. Alot is trial and error as Ralph has said, make sure you work the polish in properly so you dont move up a pad un-necessarily.

        It impossible to give exact advice with this as it depends what your wanting to achieve and what products you have etc