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  • vxr paint

    How soft is the vxr/vauxhall paint
    just want to know as im investing a DA polisher in next few days and whats best to be used on the paint work ie pads and products
    thanks guys and girls

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    i`ve been using sonus sfx pads , vx paint isn`t hard so the the sfx2 pad is all you need when it comes to correction work as in removing swirls , then drop down to the less aggressive pad like the sfx 3 pad for polishing / refining ect . if i`m applying glaze i`d drop down again to the softest pad sfx4 ,

    others will have there personal preference but the sonus pads work well with the DA due to being nice n flat


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      one example i used a few times

      sfx 2 pad / P1 polish ( for removing swirls )
      sfx 3 pad / megs #205
      sfx 4 pad / poorboys blackhole glaze

      as said theres so many options and personal preferences


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        Thanks for the tips daz I was looking at juicy jens kit with the 3m products and pads have you used the hex logic pads??


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          didn`t like the hex pads on DA , i prefer the flat sonus pads but as said thats just personal preference , same goes for the poish i use , i tried sample of 3m , menz , megs , and when it comes to removing swirls i found the g-tech P1 to be the quickest when it comes to removing swirls , P1 does need an extra spritz of water to keep the dust at bay due to being water based where as the others i mentioned are oil based , again personal preference , i`ve known a few that go straight onto glazes after using the P1 both on the sfx 2 and then again on the sfx 3 pad as the polish is pad dependent . another all in polish thats getting mentioned a lot these days is the scholl concept 17 which also is water based but i can`t comment on the as i`ve yet to try it out ,


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            I'll take at look at them all then daz thanks again it's hard work even just trying to get the right products hahaha


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              Originally posted by Danny Jackson View Post
              I'll take at look at them all then daz thanks again it's hard work even just trying to get the right products hahaha
              which ever you choose i`m sure you`ll be happy with , a good tip is to try and get sample bottles of products plus that way your not out of pocket if you don`t like it , also you`ll be suprised just how long the sample bottles last as very little goes a very long way regardless of which product you choose

              have fun looking mate


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                If you want soem sample pots of 3M i think Juicy does some in a kit ?

                and also try some of the above stuff Daz said about, we started on Sonus and SFX stuff cause the kit we brought had them in it.