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  • all Juiced up and ready to go

    Hi all for a while now ive been researching into starting detailing my car more seriously, ive spent endless hours of the evening/early morning sometimes, online looking at methods, how-to's, different suppliers and mainly trying to absorb as much info as possible so as not to jump in blind.

    this week i finally took the plunge and put my order into JuicyJen, firstly over the last month she has been extremely patient and more than helpfull with all my questions. secondly she delivered the very next day and damn was it packaged well (think it could have survived a lunar landing). I CANNOT RECCOMMEND JUICYJEN ENOUGH GREAT SERVICE AND GREAT HONEST ADVICE (NO SALES PATTER, JUST ADVICE TO SUIT MY NEEDS)! THANK YOU JEN!

    so here is all my goodies which i cannot wait to get a few days off to really start experimenting with.

    being a DA virgin, and considering i cannot afford a training day/course i am looking at getting a second hand bonnet from a scrappy and practising/refining my method before i move on to my car and friends. but i cannot wait to see the effects.


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    Awesome collection and +1 on the comments Jen is extremely helpful and well recommended!


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      Lots of stuff

      Good girl is our Jen, did you get more then 1 chocolate with that lot


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        3 chocos......I thought that was the norm.....but now u have made me well happy if I got 2 more than most!


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          Hi James as I said in my email so glad the package arrived safely....was there enough tape wrapped around

          I was feeling rather generous so thought you might have a sweet tooth and like three little choccies to nibble on while your opening your early birthday pressie! Thank you very much for your kind words and you know I'm always here to offer assistance and advice where I can...happy cleaning!
          Last edited by JuicyJen; 2 June 2011, 09:50 PM.


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            Very nice kit and great service!
            Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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              Nice collection, Have fun using it.


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                endless hours of fun there lol


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                  Whats the list of products you bought mate nice collection there


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                    Loads there bet u can't wait to get cleaning all that will keep u busy. If u dnt mind me asking how much did all that cost??


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                      Bucket bundle 1 (jetseal)
                      Glass bundle
                      DAS-6 kit 3 (3m pads and polishes)
                      Banana armour wax
                      CG synthetic detailer
                      Dodo tarmalade
                      303 aerospace Protectant
                      303 aerospace cleaner
                      Windscreen treatment
                      Masking tape x2
                      UFO wax applicator
                      3 spritz bottles
                      2plush orange towels
                      'tooled up' detail bag
                      Tribble sheep skin wash mitt
                      CG microfibre rejuvenator
                      Eurow applicator round

                      Bigshoetimmy: I cannot wait I'm itching to get "juicy", I go to Cyprus in two days so it's gotta wait till after. in a wAy I'm letting it get dirty so it'll look that much better when I finally get round to clean her.

                      Jen the stuff was packaged brilliantly I could not believe how well it was wrapped, must have took u ages. Thanks again


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                        You forgot to mention the freebies too

                        I'm reknown for my wrapping of presents and this way I get to do it everyday


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                          I weren't sure u would want me advertising them
                          here u go guys (be amazed as much as I was when I opened the box up) again a million thank yous to Jen more than I ever expected

                          20x microfibre 40cmx40cm
                          virgin scent air freshner 500ml
                          Juicy APC concentrate
                          Spray heads x3
                          Wheel wash mitt blue
                          Fluffy blue drying towels
                          And the best bit......3....yes 3 chocolates!


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                            jen is brilliant....damn you for getting more treat though!! i only got one sweet.....thats favourtism haha

                            what are the 3M products you've got matey? and whats the dodo tarmalade for? do u apply after your first wash?

                            thats at least a days worth of cleaning.......MINT!!!
                            i can't wait to detail mine properly



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                              I got the tarmalade mainly for when I get a day to take my wheels off it helps remove tar glue and sticky shizzle, and for using after claying if any blobs left. I do feel special getting 3 sweets. I got the machine polisher (DAS 6) kit 3 from Jen which includes yellow top green top and blue top the names I have forgotten. Main reason was because being a newbie I wanted some pad/polish combo that was pretty self explanatory.