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  • alcantra

    what is the best way of cleaning and caring for alcantara. i have looked but cant find anything that will do the job.

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    Shamlessly stolen from Detailing World

    I have this in my Mondeo and generally just hoover it mate

    Often a ‘worn’ Alcantara ® covering is caused by the nap becoming flattened, in most cases the wheel covering can be revived simply by cleaning with the correct chemicals and using a napping brush. As a general rule when cleaning Alcantara ®, etc you should only to use products specifically designed for this type of fabric.

    Avoid using a product designed for cleaning leather. It's also important to do a patch test before cleaning any fabric to make sure the colour or integrity of the fabric won't be damaged. To do this, apply your cleaning product to an inconspicuous area to see what the effect will be.

    Use a napping brush to raise the pile and loosen / separate the fibres. Remove pilling with a single-sided razor blade and then apply a suitable cleaning solution on to an applicator pad and apply to one area at a time (do not over-wet the fabric) and do not use wet steam.

    Localized stains can be treated with a d-limonene (citrus) based cleaner (P21S Total Auto Wash) ensure surface is dry before use by leaving window cracked/open or SONAX NTS7 Upholstery Cleaner for BMW, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Alcantara materials. Avoid alcohol, strong solvents or spirit based cleaners (particularly perchloroethyene and trichlorethylene). When cleaning a surface with finished leather / Alcantara, tape of the Alcantara to avoid cross contamination by products.


    Leather Master™ Nubuck Eco Protector (N-Nubuck / Alcantara®) Nubuck /Suede Protectant are a water based product for highly sensitive leathers, it took several years to perfect, and was difficult to formulate due to the potential damage caused by water. It may be used on furniture, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

    Eco-Protector provides an oil, water and alcohol barrier on Nubuck and suede. This unique formula is a step forward from the previous Leather Master Aerosol protectant. In fact, it has several advantages over all aerosol protectants - non-flammable and very safe for consumer use, environmentally safe, solvent free formula.

    Application Instructions:
    • Use on new or cleaned Nubuck or suede only. If needed, pre-clean with Leather Master™ Foam Nubuck Cleaner.
    • Adjust spray to finest mist setting and spray no less than 12 inches from the surface of the leather.
    • It is much better to apply two light coats than a single heavy application.
    • Allow leather to completely dry. You may speed this up with a hair dryer on mild heat.
    • Lightly rub over the surface with a terry covered sponge to maximize & restore the surface.
    • Reapply every 6 months after cleaning.

    Maintenance- in order to preserve your upholstery, vigorous cleaning of accumulated dirt should be avoided as dirt / grit is abrasive and may damage the finish.

    It is therefore recommended that regular cleaning is carried out by brushing seating areas with a soft upholstery brush and then vacuuming to remove dust and loose dirt. Avoid rubbing too strongly. The use of vapour steam is preferred. (Do not use wet steam)


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        cheers for that