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My VXR spring clean and a few coats of Raceglaze Black Label

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  • My VXR spring clean and a few coats of Raceglaze Black Label

    Sorry guys, I've been very quiet recently due to work commitments etc, I have some time off now for the next week or two and maybe indefinatley
    So don't be afraid to drop me a PM
    I've got a load of write ups to get done over the next few days that I've kept putting off so keep an eye out here and in my thread

    I’ve been a little quiet on the write ups recently after the mammoth GT3 thread put me off slightly
    So had some time off work recently and thought I’d give the VXR its spring spruce up and get it looking nice again before it went to Courtenay Sport for its stage 3 map :thumb:
    Now for the task of remembering everything I did Not ahuge amount of pictures I’m afraid gents as I was getting in a little world of my own and kept forgetting myself
    So first off the car was snowfoamed with Auto Finesse Avalanche

    All rubbers, grills, wheels, door shuts etc given the go over with APC and AF Hog Hair brushes.

    Leaving me with this

    Next up 2 bucket wash with Auto Finesse Lather and Carpro mitt

    Onto the decontamination stage and first used was Auto Finesse ObliTARate, always impressed with how well this little gem works as there was a fair amount of tar scattered all over the car!

    Next on the agenda was Auto Finesse Iron Out, works well but smells like the communal toilet in the curry house

    With the decon now complete the car was then rolled into the garage for drying and taping up.
    I must add how impressed I was with the condition of the wheels and how the Gtechniq C5 has held up over the last 18 or so months. They were pretty spotless a few little tar spots and that’s about it, it’ll do for another few months until I make another order and I’ll apply it again :thumb: Or until I fit the new brakes when obviously the wheels will be coming off .

    Gave the engine a clean up with APC, degreaser and various brushes, coated with 303 aerospace and left for around 12 hours before wiping over

    Door shuts, under the bonnet and inside the boot all polished and protected using Auto Finesse Triple

    Once taped up the PD8 came out for some paint depth readings,

    Fairly decent readings all over and depths varying from around 130-150 microns.
    I could have one stepped the car to be honest as it didn’t need much heavy correction, just a few little wash marring marks and a swirl or two. But I wanted to try a few different combos on VX paint so I cracked out the following…..

    Right now this is where I got carried away over the two days polishing and didn’t manage to take a single picture of either stages , so will sae you lot reading one of my usual long winded write ups I suppose thumb:
    So had a little play with these two combos and various pads/spot pads, and then refined a little further after an IPA wipedown with Auto Finesse Rejuvenate and a black CG hexlogic pad to leave a nice base for some Black Label :thumb:
    Really like Race Glaze Black Label to use and I’ve used a few Spreads really far, literally a single swipe a panel, in fact I liked it that much I applied 6 coats the 3 days
    So here’s some finished shots, in the dark and on the third day

    Looked a lot better going for the remap at Courtenay Sport a bit fresher and made 242bhp I’ll upload the photos and videos to my build thread over the weekend.
    Hope you enjoyed the short write up
    Any comments, questions welcome and thanks for reading
    Catering for all your detailing needs in the South East/ East Anglia etc, don't be shy to PM >>>>>

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    looking good buddy. wish i had the patience to detail my car like that


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      great work!


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        All that hard work paid off it looks great n wot a difference that stuff made in the engine bay very well done