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Race Valeting & Envy Valeting Vauxhall vx220 Swissvax Crystal Rock Protection Detail

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  • Race Valeting & Envy Valeting Vauxhall vx220 Swissvax Crystal Rock Protection Detail

    Today saw Tim & I back to do the 2nd car a nice bright orange Vauxhall VX220.

    This was booked in for a protection detail as the owner Ian had just bought the car and wanted it in great shape and nice and easy to maintain.

    This was the car on arrival parked underneath some giant trees

    The van was nice and clean last night as I gave it a quick wash ready for today, but this is how it looked after 40 miles this morning.

    Anyway first thing was to get the car moved somewhere more practical to work on.

    Firstly the wheels were soaked with some AS Smart Wheels and cleaned using a selection of brushes, ez detail brush, and some of Tims own swissvax style brushes.

    It was mine turn with the camera today and Tims turn on the wheels.

    While tim was cleaning the wheels I went round and washed the badges with some g101 and a envy brush, and also gave the lowers a soak too.

    This was all rinsed off then foamed using some experimental envy foam which I must say Is some of the best i've ever used looks just like shaving foam, this was left for a few mins then rinsed.

    This was then followed by a 2bm wash using a sonus wool mitt and some gold class shampoo, and then rinsed.

    Next up was to clay using some Dodo gentle grey and some last touch as lube, must say the car was pretty clean due to having a respray recently.

    This was after the rear quarters and back bumper.

    Then car was then dried using a miracle drying towel and some last touch.

    Next stage was the paintwork cleansing using some Dodo lime prime light by hand, Tim applied and I buffed, must say was pretty hard to see where you were buffing due to the colour.

    After this we then applied a coat of the Swissvax Crystal Rock (Paul Daltons) and left to cure for 10 mins and then buffed.

    While I was buffing off the wax Tim went round and dressed the tyres using some CG New Look Trim Gel.

    Once all the car was buffed off and looking ship shape It was moved back round to the original car park where we cleaned the exhaust using some megs nxt metal polish, and also clean the door shuts using some last touch and the glass was then polished inside and out and the exterior plastics dressed and the hood also sealed.

    A quick final wipe over and the tyres buffed to a natural finish and it was all finished.

    Finished pics:

    Then we had a very quick shower which was good so we could get some of the Crystal Rock beading.

    And finally a BEFORE & AFTER shot

    Many thanks again Tim for the past 2 days :thumb: and also the owner Ian who lurks on here sometimes.

    Any comment/Questions welcome as usual.

    Thanks for reading Paul & Tim

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    orange or red, red or orange!? Another fine finished example
    Burg blood in my veins.... Ice cool Baby!
    !!Warning a VXR may inspire confidence!! Now for sale!


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      Poor VX220 .

      Nice to see you saved it and hope the owner will look after it by now!

      Great detail as always.


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        very good work lads.. i try so hard 2 like these i just... well.. dont..


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          Originally posted by vxrtom View Post
          very good work lads.. i try so hard 2 like these i just... well.. dont..
          They do look quite nice, but they are so annoying getting in and out of, im only 5'10" and its a pain in the ****.

          A track toy maybe but this is used as an everyday car

          Thanks for the comments guys


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            nice work mate


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              Nice work but hate that colour...........


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                Great work again mate


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                  Thanks for the comments chaps