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Marc or Alex or others NEED HELP ....

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  • Marc or Alex or others NEED HELP ....

    Ok... i detailed the car and well... kinda ballsed it up...

    Can you let me know in detail about how to use...

    megs clay & qd spray

    megs stage 1-3...

    I really need to know how to apply and how hard, technique, do i let it try and how to buff it off.

    I have the megs applicator pads and the microfibre towel things.

    Also own zymol car wash... megs wash mit... megs towel dry thing.... megs wheel cleaner.... megs tyre polish and megs glass cleaner!

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    Megs do have a very comprehensive guide on their www


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      thanks bro.... didnt think to look there. Just stood there readin the lack of info on the bottle and thought lets just stick it on and buff it off!


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        Megs towel dry thing!!!! QUALITY!!!!!!!

        Oh Mel...are you getting all flustered!!!!!



        Obviously wash and pat dry car , wash car with mitt and work in straight lines (why do you think spiderwebbing is called that? ) and then ready for clay...

        Take clay bar and roll in hands and turn until gets soft!!

        Then break in two!!

        Get a small pot or container (in this weather) and put warm water in....

        Put one half of clay in....

        Next spray the clay lube or qd over area to be clayed so its nice and wet...Then rub clay bar back and forth not in circles but in straight lines....

        When you feel the area has no friction left you know the clay bar has taken off all contaminants so turn the piece of clay and fold in half and squeeze togeher so it has a new clean piece and the area you,ve just used is now non visible!!

        Drop in container and take out new warm piece ready for use....spray this piece with qd spray and start again on next area working in sections!!


        Eventually you should have a car feeling like glass......At the end of every section you do Mel you can wipe it witha buffing towel or microfibre but wash car again at end and redry before moving onto the polishing part!!

        If you drop the clay at all bin it!!!!!!!


        Part 1 paintwork section is as it says ....squeeze a touch on applicator pad and rub into the paintwork personally working in areas of no more than 2 foot square ....Rub with a medium pressure and work in.....once you feel the product turning and feeling a change in pressure upon rubbing buff off with a polishing towel or microfibre....

        This applies to all 3 stages!!!!

        Clay can be used on wheels when you feel it is dirty or unusable for paintwork.....

        I cant stress enough the megs last touch 1 gallon for £18...

        This can be diluted at 2:1 with evian or mineral water and should be sprayed on car when drying as it aids srying and gives the car a fantastic shine....IT IS QUICK DETAILER in a large gallon bottle.......

        Hope that helps Mel!!!
        Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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          Thanks.... take 2 this weekend... was impressed with what I done this time tho. Considering I have never properly polished a car before. Dont think wash and a quick once over with Autoglym deep gloss really counts??


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            Just a tip with the 3 stage stuff, you do not need to let step 2 dry... you can put it on a panel and then before it dries buff it off

            Step 1 and 3 you can let haze then buff off



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              Originally posted by Johnnyopolis
              Just a tip with the 3 stage stuff, you do not need to let step 2 dry... you can put it on a panel and then before it dries buff it off

              Step 1 and 3 you can let haze then buff off