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zaino? help

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  • zaino? help

    just orderd Z7 SHOW CAR WASH AND Z2 PRO

    but dont know what else i need and what steps do i take when using it e.g

    when im standing in front of the car with 2 buckets of water and my lambswool mit and these two products?

    where do i start? and do i need zfx accelerator aswell?
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      2 good products , i have both as well.

      First off i would snowfoam the car via power washer using a foam lance or a gilmour attatchment that goes on the end of your hose.
      Using your washmitt using the 2 bucket method give the car a good wash using your Z7 , try to wash in straight lines to keep swirling to a minimum and rinse your mitt frequently.

      Then i would clay the car using a lubricant to get rid of any bonded contaminents on the paint , no doubt white will show wee orange dots , i had this on mine before i clayed it.

      Then onto polishing , if you havnt got a polisher to remove defects then use Auto Glym SRP by hand to improve the finish. After this you can use IPA to wipedown the car if you have it to remove any oils that are in the polish failing that go over it with Z6.

      Then get your Z2 ( yes you should get the ZFX kit ) and mix accordingly , one ounce of Z2 to 5 drops of ZFX. Mix well and apply thinly to the car , up and down motions on panels. No more than 3 coats in 24 hours , curing time 30 mins to 1 hour depending on conditions.

      I would get Z8 too to top off with and to use after any other wash.

      Hope this helps.


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        ok cheers jeff thanks for the info will try my best and let you know what the outcome is