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Waxing new paint

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  • Waxing new paint

    Any pointers as too how soon you can wax new paint? Had new mirrors fitted today and itching to wax them lol, I'm thinking 12 weeks to give time for the paint to harden fully?


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    Ask the man himself VXRMarc
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      Ill paste this straight from Megs to save confusion.... Personally anything painted outside brand new i would leave a month although states upto 90 days but im not pretending to know the exact science because i dont and im just being honest its what ive been informed in the past and have stuck to this but off the productionline i know is straight away...

      Copied and pasted here:

      A new car with a factory paint job can be waxed the moment it is rolled out of the manufacturing plant. Cars that have factory paint jobs are cured at much higher temperatures, sometimes as high as 300 degrees in special baking ovens. At a factory level, the car goes through the painting and baking process without any of the rubber, plastic, and cloth components installed. This is why they can expose the car and it's fresh paint to such high temperatures. These high temperatures and special paints used at the factory level insures the paint is fully cured by the time the car is completely assembled.
      After-market paint finishes however, are cured at a much lower temperature to ensure the method of baking or heating the paint doesn't melt non-metal components such as wiring and vinyl. For this reason, it's best to follow the specific paint manufactures recommendations for care and maintenance of fresh paint. Most paint manufactures that supply paint to the refinish industry recommend that you allow anywhere from 30 to 90 days curing time after the paint is applied before you apply the first application of wax.
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        Thanks Marc, will leave it 90 days I think. The mirror housings were sprayed up at my local VX dealers bodyshop but no idea how much they were heat cured so best to play safe.