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Race Valeting - Opel Manta GTE Swissvax Protection Detail

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  • Race Valeting - Opel Manta GTE Swissvax Protection Detail

    Today I had booked in a DW FIRST a Opel Manta GTE which had been through alot of restoration work.

    I was working in a bodyshop today so very limited on pics im affraid and NO befores due to a few other lads in the bay with me and didn't want to push my luck.

    Firstly the wheels were soaked in smart wheels and left to dwell for 5 mins, the tyres were cleaned using some g101 and the arches.

    Next up the car was pre-washed using a hot pw, then foamed and then 2bm and then clayed using some sonus green then re-washed and dried using my Race Valeting Ultimate Water Guzzler Drying towel and some last touch as a drying aid.

    The car was then brough into the polishing bay were I gave the polish with some SV Cleaner fluid on a finishing pad via the makita to enhance the gloss and remove any slight marks.

    Next the was given a layer of SV Saphir and left for 30 to cure while I hoovered out the interior.

    I then buffed off the wax using my Race Valeting super buffing towels.

    Next I cleaned the interior with a detailing brush and some g101 to all the dash and vents etc then all was dressed using some poorboys natural look dressing.

    The seats were given a quick wipe over with some bio brisk and the leather cleaned/conditioned.

    Next I applyed the 2nd layer of saphir and while it was curing I cleaned the windows using my Race Valeting Streak Free Glass Cloth and some megs glass cleaner.

    The wheels were then sealed using some jetseal 109 and then topped off with a coat of collinite 476's, the tyres dressed with Espuma rd50, the exhaust polished with megs nxt metal polish, and finally then wax was then buffed off and given a quick spritz with some duragloss 952.

    Heres the final pics guys.

    Thanks for looking and all comments welcome as normal.

    Total time taken was 7 hrs


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    Brings back memories, I had one just like that in white E reg i think it was.
    They were like tanks, I was side swiped by a foriegn lorry on Brent Cross roundabout in the rear left quarter, and I still drove it for a year after (I took the cash from the drivers insurance - and still sold the car damaged for a good price!)
    Loverly job!


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      nice job mint car


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        I used to love these, especially the saloon version, I worked for VX at the time and along with this the Monza and the Senator were my favorites of the range, I had a Cavalier Coupe on a 1976 P reg myself but it was beyond it tbh, well without a blank cheque book anyway, always loved the pillarless windows in the summer, owned the A version in the early 80's also in putrid yellow.


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          Really nice car! old school!!


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            It is owned by a Mr Sheen


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              Stunning Car And Stunning Job


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                the inner wheel arches are manky man!