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Megs G220 how hard to use?

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  • Megs G220 how hard to use?

    Being the diy detailer that i am, im thinking about getting a Megs G220, obviously with these things its best to know what your doing or risk royally ruining paintwork.

    So 2 questions really, how easy are they to use?

    and is there anyway to practice before touching my car or mums??

    Cheers people!

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    I have a Kestrel polisher but megs is the best.

    There both random orbital polishers menaing its very hard to burn the paintwork with you can easily do with a rotary polisher.

    I brought the Kestrel in a kit with pads and compunds but have yet to 'cut' the paintwork back to get rid on some hazing and scratches etc and will be getting a detailer in to do this whilst i watch and learn.

    I have used the polisher for applying polishes, glazes, sealants etc and its fantastic, get a much better result than by hand. Your best to read the detailing guides in this forum for all the info mate.


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      ive got a g220 mate and really spot on,can adjust the speed with a little dial on the end of it,really is spot on you have to be a fool to damage the paintwork with on of these,just make sure you buy differnt heads for it as this really helps the job


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        3 for spplying 5 for correction job done.

        Anyway i have spent endless hours watching mike phillips on the show car results dvd of how exactly to use a pc and even scratch x for swirl removal...A very good video that takes you right through the megs or similar machine polishers covering everything you need to know.. I lent this to someone about a year ago and cant remember who as they are like gold dust but are fantastic dvds for continually watching over and over again and practising what Mike Phillips preaches alongside him Miracle and Joe from Superior shine in the usa they are my 3 world top detailers.

        Even check out Barry Meguiar with his new ill fitted false teeth that halfords paid for.. Hi im bawwwwy Mequiaaaaar and i cant spweak pwoperly!!'s%20 Wax%20Clinic%20-%20Part%201
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          Cheers for the help guys, i just imagined me using it on the car and burning a hole in the paint lol :P

          videos are a big help 2 Marc i will get the dvd on order after crimbo