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Nurburgring Door Mirrors.

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  • Nurburgring Door Mirrors.

    First off Merry Christmas to all at VXR online.

    Went out to the garage getting a pint from the fridge i noticed my mirror casing is scratched , not deep , your nail doesnt catch in it. Its just surface , what would take this off ?

    I have Megs #83 and #80 , if that would work.


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    If you can run your fingernail across the scratch and you dont feel anything then the paintwork can be repaired. However, unfortuantely to my knowladge the burg hasnt got genuine carbon fibre mirror covers and they arent carbon dipped, they have a high quality carbon fibre looking film on them.Im not sure if the film has a lacquer over it or not (i doubt it), if it does and you have scratched this then it may be possible to repair it using a poliser and some cutting compounds. If the film doesnt have a lacquer over it and is just very shiny by nature then i would say you wont be able to repair it due to scratching the film which has no surface that can be polished.