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Swirl marks

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  • Swirl marks

    Whats the best product to autoglym super resin polish any good. also how do you blend in where touched up ares are and flatten them out and make the boonet flawless again.
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    speak to marc pal as hes the top kiddie on the forum for detailing your car,what he doesnt know pal is not worth knowing


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      Depends what you what you want to do.

      You can buy products such as super resin polish which will help to mask the swrils as it contains a filler. However over time the fillers will deterioate and you will have to repeat the process.

      To completely get rid of them for good you will need to use a machine polisher and cutting compunds for which there are many out there. Meg's is one of the best but i have Sonus which are also gud. If you can run your finger over the scratch and feel it the general rule is that it cannot be repaired and will need re-spraying. This means that you either have to get a detailer in which can cost anywhere between £150 - £300 or get a polisher, pads and compounds youself. By using cutting agents you'll take a very small layer of the clearcoat way bring it down to the level of the hazing.

      I went for the latter and got a deal on and if you use the code 'VXRonline' u'll get a 7.5% discount.

      Make sure though that you go for a random orbital polisher as you'll easily mess up the paintwork and clearcoat with a rotary polisher if you dont know what your doing. Do abit a research on the matter first and read the detailing thread in the detailing section. March is the man really for tyhis sort of thing and will no doubt be able to advise you better than i can.


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        i like menzerner intensive polish took my car up a treat