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Quick clean (lots of pics)

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  • Quick clean (lots of pics)

    Its been over 6 months since i posted some pics of my car so i thought i would upload a few! Very random pics as it was too cold to grab decent shots!

    My car before being washed already had 2 layers of jetseal and 5+ layers of Collinite 915 so its easy to keep looking good.

    Products used today were,

    -Gold class shampoo
    -Megs APC
    -Megs last touch
    -Collinite 915
    -Megs tyre gel
    -Lambs wool Washmit x2 (upper +lower)
    -Megs Washmit x2 (lower bumpers and skirts + wheels)
    -Aquatouch Drying towels x2
    -Sonus MF cloths
    -Megs applicator pad
    -Megs bucket with grit guard x2
    -EZ wheel brush
    -1" Drumstick

    Below is a couple of pics of the wax curing,

    Here are some random pics after, Enjoy!

    A few in black and white,

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    very nice mucker
    Arden Racing Edition