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  • Fading Red

    Ive not long had my Astra vxr i bought it 2nd hand, its just turned 3, and the paint is begining to fade a fair bit... its going pink Now i have tried to give it a polish with what i have,(just autoglym polish) but its made no difference.
    Im guessing that i need to give it a buff with an electric buffer?
    My previous cars have always been ok by the time ive owned them, so keeping on top of giving them a good clean and polish has never been a problem. I clayed my last car and was amazed what difference that made to the finish.

    Ive never used a buffer though, and im worried i might leave big swirl marks or damage the paint, anybody got any tips and ideas what i may need to buy? Ive looked through a few threads here and im thinking i may need to take it to a detailer, anyone got any ideas roughly how much this would cost?


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    I`m not too clued up on paintwork but if it has gone pink will it not mean that the paint is very thin? might need u full respray.. i hope i`m wrong tho..


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      This is a known problem with vaxhall reds

      They dont use a clearcoat on top of the red paint, or at least not a very good one. You will find that unless you keep your car wax'd, the paint will start to fade.

      It is possible to remedy this without a respray. You need to use a machine polisher to scrub away a very thin layer of the paint, removing the "pink" paint, and leaving some of the fresh, bright red paint thats underneath.

      Any good detailer should be able to do this. You can pop along to and go to their sponsors section Here and find yourself a detailer (examples of previous work Here) and (examples of previous work Here)

      are the 3 detailers closest to you.

      Heres a zafira with the exact same problem, and how it was sorted
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        thanks for that. i'll take a look.


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          Reds,blacks,whites and yellows to name just a few will also fade under the clear coat, its the pigment in the paint thats affected by the suns uv rays! Also if your car has had paint work you will be able to tell as the panel will be a different colour red in the dark and be fine in the day light. The pinkness if it is a solid colour is the sun bleaching the paint and the pink is just a milky residue which can be buffed of with a bit of elbow grease and a full 8 hours of buffing and waxing. If you rub a small area with your thumb and it shines up then its a base colour.

          Its all to do with pigment, check your rear spoiler as if it is fading you will spot the difference straight away. If it is fading and it has been painted as a base colour and clear coat then there nothnig you can do about fading as its faded under the clear coat.

          Try a little bit of t cut on a corner of the bonnet maybe and put a bit of elbow into it and if it comes up a different colour and there red residue on your cloth then it a solid colour and it will be okay to buff up to full bright red again, then you can contact x y and z detailer supply firms on line and get there advise on which products to use to restore your paint work.

          I am a paint sprayer to trade so have spent years polishing faded cars and know about the reasons cars fade, i use gareth at to supply me with my materials and he is also very good at advising me on products as im a painter not a detailer.
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