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Burg winter protection detail

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  • Burg winter protection detail

    I've been detailing my Burg over the past couple of weeks (its been in my garage, makes life easier!) to protect it for the next few winter months and I thought i'd take a few pics.
    The Burg was originally done in June and though with top ups to paintwork with Zaino Z8 i feel the Zaino has lasted well....pretty much zero stuck tar or fly debris on the front/sides has impressed me the most.

    Process/products used was;
    Karcher K3.99 and Autorae chem HD foam lance with Super Snow Foam/Orange Zest APC mix.
    2BM+Megs Hyperwash with SP wool mitt for paintwork and Megs microfibre mitt for wheels.
    Bilberry and EZ detail brush also on wheels.
    Once rinsed and dried off with Megs Last Touch+Sonus Der Wonder towel car was put in garage and over 2 weeks;
    Clayed with Sonus Green and Megs LT (bootlid and rear bumper had a number of stuck black and orange spots but generally little muck was apparent on the clay).
    Zaino AIO
    Zaino Clearseal
    Zaino Z8
    Each wheel was removed and;
    Spots attacked with Bilberry+MF
    Clayed with Sonus Green+Megs LT
    Zaino AIO
    Poorboys Wheel Sealant
    Zaino Clearseal
    Megs Endurance gel on tyres
    Misc items;
    Windows with Autoglym Fast Glass, exterior plastics with Poorboys Natural Look, exhaust with Turtle wax metal polish.
    Engine bay was given a going over with Orange Zest APC (was quite clean to start with) and MF then plastics were protected with Poorboys Natural Look.
    Interior was given a dusting and hoover with any dirty marks cleaned off with APC....i prefer a natural look to the plastics so nothing was added.

    A few pics (no befores, just imagine it pretty dirty!), no sun really so it doesnt gleam as much as it should!

    Next mods on the list are going to possibly be;

    TMS Bluefin remap (stage 2)
    DAP-R springs
    DAP Splitter
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    ..:: Cheers, Stu ::..

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    what a mint car. love those wheels. top work fella.


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      Superb, very smart.
      I may even brave the cold tomorrow and give the VXR a detail .
      Arden Astra VXR 888 Stage 3

      My Astra VXR was for sale but now SOLD !


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        nice!! really like the wheels you got 235 or 225 wide tyres on em?


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          Bet you enjoyed yourself, looks good mate, its just a pitty they dont stop that way.


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            Tyres are 225x40x18 Goodyear F1 Assymetrics.
            ..:: Cheers, Stu ::..


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              Originally posted by Jay 1983 View Post
              Bet you enjoyed yourself, looks good mate, its just a pitty they dont stop that way.
              Yep been out today and done a few miles and lots of black specks on the back bumper/tailgate....
              Nevermind its to be expected, at least the protection is on the car which is the main thing.
              ..:: Cheers, Stu ::..


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                Looks stunning mate. I hate the first drive after a good cleaning session... I end up driving like miss daisy, as if the dirt isn't going to get me!