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    Howdy marc, your more of a zymol man than myself so your expertise if you would,

    This site maybe of interest to others also.
    %20 of zymol waxes. Which one would you recommend?
    Going over some megs#7 and CG blitz spray sealant.
    Can zymol products go over anything else but HD-Cleanse?

    Thought I may as well try some zymol as its %20 off.

    Cheers mate

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    .....and have you seen the effects of Zymol Rouge on red cars ??
    Is that worth trying ?

    tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
    The truth is out there ...


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      I've got the rouge and will be stripping car of the carbon wax and putting rouge on instead during next week. Hopefully get some pictures up shortly after for you :wink:


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        zdouk would be Jez who is now a swissol reseller....

        He is based at Brands Hatch and is not a zymol reseller anymore hence he is selling off his stock at 20% off!!!

        He supplied my zymol polo top for me and is a nice guy!!!!

        Maybe buy some stuff as its cheap but use johnny from c&s from then on never buy from an unauthorised outlet as you wont know if what you are buying is what you are getting!!!!

        To be totally honest as i always am rouge is ok but the real quality waxes start from concours due to the white carnauba content....

        All i would say about rouge is that it will give the car a nice finish no doubt but do not be fooled into thinking that the red colour of the wax will stain the car in anyway as i dont believe it will as a wax on basecoat chips will not change them red just like colour magic car polish was proved to be rubbish!!!!

        My opinion and my opinion only is once you get to concours you are using high quality waxes and having now used zymol titanium , concours , destiny , vintage only panel and royale full car the difference to me is marginal but you can see it normally in my opinion due to the clarity and depth of shine,,,,,,

        You pays your money you takes your choice!!!!!

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