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  • T Cut?

    How does T Cut work?

    I bought a standard T Cut Wax for £5.99 from Halfrauds today.

    I have some tiny circular marks on my front bumper, alot in a small area. Its like someone has pushed the back of a small instrument against the paint a few times. Very small, cant see unless you get down on your knees and nose up to paint.

    I placed some of this stuff on and it looked great, when I buffed it of though you can still see the marks which are down to the metal. No idea where they came from.

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    Not a T-cut man myself.

    The abrasives in t-cut dont break down

    In decent polished they do and are allot better for your paint.

    T-cut just rips it up.


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      I've used T-Cut but only on my corsa's bonnet due to the paint fade. It will leave swirls/lines in the paint which then need to be rectified with a finer polish which will break down and smooth plus fill the small swirl marks.

      It should not be used under any other circumstance other than severe paint fade, and to be honest even then I would try all other alternatives first. Personally have thrown it away in favour of lighter cutting compounds and a Porter Cable.


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        If you likr t-cut i have some brillo pads aswell :?
        Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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          So help me - what can I use? I just need to smooth out some tiny circular marks on my bumper without spending hundreds...


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            Tiny marks use Megs Scratch X by hand imo :wink: