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New Cleaning routine??

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  • New Cleaning routine??

    at the mo using lambswool mit megs gold class and watering can (neighbours think i am nuts lol!) as some ****** stole my jet wash from my garage. was thinking of replacing it and liked the look of the foam/snow lances. i have noticed a few swirls and was thinking that a quick and not too harsh jet wash, then snow lance with decent shampoo followed by jet wash then watering can with RO water?? also claying, waxing etc... when required and also rinse with RO water when possible, say every few days.

    This way theres no chance of swirls and fairly quick and pain free results. are the foam guns only supposed to be used as a pre wash though?? and which one is the one to have??

    also wouldnt mind suggestions on a decent cleaner for my alloys as left car for quite a while without cleaning and they now have baked on brake dust!! grrrrrrrrrrr! i was thinking probably an acid based cleaner for every now and then but had a VERY bad experience with these and a set of custom chrome rs4's not too long ago!

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    i know how you feel about swirls and wondered wether a jetwash would be enough to remove all the dirt but marc told me heres no chance

    i also like the idea of not touching the car when cleaning and wonder if there are any products that will do a good degreasing job before a jetwash,so that most of the dirt has desolved.


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      To be honest guys i have been a firm believer that with a proper wash routine you can eliminate swirls but have bowed humbly to the fact that vauxhall paintwork marks VERY easily.......

      Today i detailed a Metallic black zetec Fiesta and the paintwork was much harder and managed to detail whole car in 4 hours........

      You will definetly need to clay a car as this is my honest belief as to what keeps a car cleaner and easier to keep clean......

      When a car is perfectly detailed and water just runs off the wax its only because the surface is so smooth that the water has no obstacles microscopically to stop it on its freefall.......

      Ro water is a must i think as this detail was done today and it must have been 20degrees out and the ro left no waterspotting......

      The foam lance from autobrite is much better than a gilmour i believe but only if you have a karcher.........

      So id clay and prepare paintwork and wax....

      Foam and wash once a week

      wax every month to keep the beading and durability....

      Just NEVER touch the paintwork if it aint wet as these quick detailers and waterless washes HAVE TO swirl the paint as you are rubbing road grime into the clearcoat........It stands to reason......
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