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The VXR D Hearse!! Full De-swirl. Lot's of Picture's

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  • The VXR D Hearse!! Full De-swirl. Lot's of Picture's

    Today's Detail was the Stunning Astra VXR D Hearse

    The car was washed and waiting for me when I arrived at Andrew's shop, so I commenced with a full wipedown with Megs Last Touch and a Meg's MF, inspecting the paintwork as I worked, some Tar Spots were removed using AG Intensive Tar Remover.
    Overall the paintwork was in good condition with some swirling and one or two Random Scratches.
    The Car was Masked off using 3M Tape and Paint Depth readings taken, a nice 140 micron average to work with on all panels.
    As I was working outside the Owner, Andrew's shop in Direct Sunlight I decided to go with the Rotary using a Megs Polishing Pad and Chemical Guys Diamondcut 1500, swirls and scratches were quickly removed from the major areas of the car.
    The finer more intricate areas were tackled with the PC and a spot pad with the CG's Diamond Cut 1500(this really is good stuff, leaving a beautiful surface finish, even in direct sunlight).

    Chemical Guy's 'M Seal' was applied using the PC and a Lake Country Finishing Pad.

    P21S was applied by hand as a final LSP to fit in with products Andrew already has for his car.

    A few Picture's, hope you enjoy them. Thanks for looking

    The eyecatching VXR D

    A few swirls were fairly evident in direct sunlight.

    Taped up in preparation for polishing.

    After removing Swirling from the Bonnet, Bikky called to see how I was progressing.

    The obligatory Flake Shot.

    Some After's

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    Many thanks again mate, and lets hope you enjoy your Rump as much as ive enjoyed whoring the car about since you finished

    But not sure about calling it a hearse... there's not a coffin in sight

    Ill be at Halfrauds 2moro stocking up on some new gear, and promise to get shot of my nappies


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      Great detail robbie.....

      Hardest shots to get in full sunlight and black but photos spot on....

      P21 will really bring the flake out as can be seen in photo,s.......

      I didnt know andrew was a butcher?

      And jes*s thats some spoiler you,ve got on the scooby rob!!!!!
      Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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        Some great work there Robbie :wink: