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snow foam on wheels..

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  • snow foam on wheels..

    why does everyone clean wheels before applying snow foam to the car?

    is it not better to snow foam the car and wheels first, making the wheels easy to clean?

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    Wheel cleaner sticks to the sh1te better when the wheel is dry, gets the full effect then . Then foam afterwards, or thats my theory ..


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      i snow foam the whole car including wheels then once all rinsed off i`ll just use soapy water on the wheels , easy enough to clean as long as you keep polishing them every now and again


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        I spray the wheels with Redberry (same as bilberry) wheel cleaner, foam the whole lot, rinse the whole lot, then do the wheels again but with the detailing brush.

        Most people would see that as wasteful, but to me, I'd rather remove as much dirt as possible first before taking to them with the brush, for the same reasons that you foam a car, to remove as much dirt as possible rather than rubbing it all in.

        I tend to treat my wheels with the same amount of thought as my paintwork, though most people may not bother.
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          Personally i use billberry wheel cleaner and a deyailing brush on the first, then rinse, then snowfoam with the rest of the car. Then they will be washed with shampoo and a mitt and then protected.


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            I just do whatever i feel like on the day to be honest , makes it more fun. Im quite eccentric when i detail. Miracle does his wheels last sometimes.
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              I Look at my wheels sigh and then get the girlfriend to do them i feel this is the best technique.

              (And she will kill me when she reads this later)


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                i tend to rinse the whole car, wheels first, the clean wheels with apc and brushes, rinse wheels, then snow foam the whole car, then rinse, then wash

                but like mike said the snowfoam will get rid of dirt first, making easier to clean


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                  i spray wheels with billberry, let it soak while doing shuts or something lol, powerwash off. this removes most the dirt, then foam the car and clean rest of wheel. this way i dont get sprayed with really dirt crap when i use the ez detail brush lol