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cleaning the engine bay

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  • cleaning the engine bay

    Do someone have any tips for me how to clean the engine bay?
    And what is a safe way to do this? Because i really don't like spraying a lot of water in the engine bay. To much electronics

    I have a lot of sand and stuf on my hoses and around the struts etc. And the camshaft cover is a bit greasy. Especially near the oil pipe. (stil have to change it for a black silicone one.. but where to get?)

    which cleaning products can i use? (wich are also for seal in the netherlands )

    thanks in advance.

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    I just use an all prurpose cleaner and detailing brush and give it a hose down and then dry it off. All the electrics are protected anyway. Get the black silicon hose you want from Courts'


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      this will sound really odd but one thing i found out was that Autoglyms Custom Wheel Cleaner is good for this job!!

      it seems to break-down grease nicely. Ive used it on my vxr engine bay and it cleaned up well! Plus its safe of metal & painted surfaces too. Concidering its a wheel cleaner it has a one of the lowest Acidity Counts on the market.


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        okey thanks. I will take a look here in the shops, to see what they've got..

        I already have the silicone kit from courtney, but missing that one. I will search..