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  • Claying

    claying the car tomorow and bought the meg clay kit but someone told me that u can actually use car shampoo for the lub

    i am currently using autoglym shampoo and was told if i put 1 to 1 1/2 caps in a 1 litre spray bottle this is a perfect lube? is this ok anyone know?


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    it is fine a couple of drops of shampoo mixed with water is fine just make sure you keep the panel you are claying lubed up and spray the lube onto the clay before you use it then move it back and forth on the panel keeping it lubed up it will start to more more freely when you have removed all contaminants
    ASTRA nurburgring mods; itg panel filter, white samco hoses, cruise control, remus


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      Hi Greg if going to be claying you this is a great product


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        cheers guys not done it yet as not really had the time and when a do have the time its raining haha! if anyone else wants to put in then this would be much appreciated


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          All the lube is for is to allow the clay to glide over the paintwork but also allows for the clay ti pick up the contamination. The better the lubricity the better, i really like Dodo Juice Born Slippery clay lube, the best i have used. But yes you can mix shampoo or similiar if needs be. I have known people just use ALOT of water but i havent tried this.