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Insignia VXR - Arden Blue

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  • Insignia VXR - Arden Blue

    Hi all

    An older write up for an Arden Blue Insignia VXR I did for a member on here.



    Car was rinsed with the Kranzle and foamed with Valet pro snow foam
    Intricate areas cleaned with detailers brush
    Lower halves degreased with a citrus degreaser
    Also Tardis applied and removed with Microfibre (Then threw it away)
    Wheels with Bilberry at 10:1 and various wheel brushes
    Tyres and arches scrubbed with APC
    Whole vehicle clayed and Megs LT as lube
    Rewashed and dried
    Taped up with 3M blue tape
    Was a 1 stage correction/enhancement so I used Lime Prime on a finishing pad
    Swirly Glass pillars i used menz 3.02
    Car was finished with 2 coats of Dodo SN
    Plastics dressed with PB natural look dressing
    Tyres dressed with Zaino tyre dressing
    Wheels sealed with PB wheel sealant


    Some areas missed by valeters at dealership

    I have to be honest and say that the exterior didn't look bad from afar but there were areas missed and just made it look like an ameteur job and didn't do this beast any justice.

    Apparently the Salesman at the dealership has asked the said valeters to clean the exhausts so they did

    This is after the clean up by the valeter

    Exhausts cleaned up using the Britemax twins.

    After a good clean

    Some very minor marks were left at the back of the zorst casing but this is where there is alot of heat build up.

    Tardis working into the tar - Quite alot of Tar was present and 2 applications of Tardis per panel was required :-

    The car was rolled outside and washed with the 2BM and a wash mitt

    The car was then clayed - Only took one picture because it's clay and shows the same all round so here is the clay after 2 Ft square of the roof. 1 and a half clay bars used on the car as it was covered in tree sap and bonded crap. The dealership sits next to a railway track and is industrial which might suggest why the clay was so dirty.

    I didn't take too many pictures as time was a problem but you get the idea.

    Minor swirls found which although small, affect the appearance

    Now gone after machine polishing

    Swirly B posts

    Sorted and looking as they should

    I followed this process across the whole car and tidied up the boot/bumper which usually suffers due to the shopping being dragged over it.

    Nice and scratch free

    Once i had finished polishing i went around the car and saw that there was a few little issues such as the VXR strip along the door sill. It was covered in adhesive (From when they peeled it off from the factory)

    Little things like that get on my nerves, why not remove the glue for a customer?




    Had a great couple of days doing this car. Lovely car and great client.

    Very nice car and nice to see it go to a cutomer who cares about the way a car should look.

    Hope you enjoyed looking.


    Showshine Detailing and Valeting LTD
    07715 358 209

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    top job lee thinking about some lime prime to apply by hand


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      Looking good
      Arden Blue Vauxhall Vectra VXR 666 Gone But Not Forgotton


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        Thanks for the replies - Appreciated.

        Lime prime is superb and contains micro abrasives so by machine are great but also very good by hand on a german applicator pad. (Smells good enough to drink aswell - NOT recommended disclaimer lol)

        Did a video with a chill tune attached for easier viewing

        Video link


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          Blue is the best colour


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            Must admit - It was a great colour to work on.

            Halfway through a Black Continental GT and that is a PITA. Solid paint and covered in swirls.

            Luckily it is a 2 day enhancement not full paint correction (Wipes brow lol)